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No. of Program & Events Sl.No Chapter Locations Date Theme
6 Guest Lectures & 6 events i) Campus Chapter (CSE Dep) 20th Dec 2010 Guest Lecture by Mr. Rajendra Tunaguntala
ii) Campus Chapter (ME Dep) 14th July 2011 Guest Lecture By Mr. C. Rajasekhar
iii) Campus Chapter (ME Dep) 8th Oct 2011 Guest Lectures By Mr. M.S.Subramanyam & Harsha
iv) Campus Chapter (ME Dep) 31st Oct 2010 Guest Lecture By Mr. K.Ganesh Babu
v) Campus Chapter (CE Dep) 5th Jan 2012 Guest Lecture by Mr. P Ravi Kumar
vi) Campus Chapter (ECM Dep) 10th Jan 2012 Guest Lecture by Mr. C Viveka Nanda
vii) Bangalore Chapter   Alumni Get-together & Dinner
viii) Hyderabad Chapter 4th Dec 2010 Alumni Get-together & Dinner
  ix) US Chapter   Alumni Get- Together at USA
9 Fare wells were organized x) Farewells Organized by the following Departments BT,CE,ECE,ECM,IST,ME,MCA&MBA Depts. April. May & June Months Respectively 9 Farewells were organized at the campus for which 650 fresher’s have attended
  xi) Campus Chapter 28 and 29thFeb 2012 KLUAA CUP 2012
  xii) Vijayawada Chapter 8th April 2012 SAMASANA (Togetherness)
  xiii) Campus Chapter 11th & 12thAugust 2012 Silver Jubilee Celebrations for 1983-87 batch
2EVENTS Campus Chapter 9 th November 2013 Silver Jubilee Celebrations for 1984-88 batch
Campus Chapter 12th & 13th of July 2014 Silver Jubilee Celebrations for 1985-89 batch
USA EVENT USA Chapter 4th of July 2015 KLUniversity NRI Alumni Get-Together at DETROIT (USA)  during TANA
3rd Event Campus Chapter 3rd & 4th of October 2015 Silver Jubilee Celebrations for 1986-91 batch
Guest Lecturer Campus Chapter (CE Dep) 5th October 2015 Guest Lecture by Mr. VALSAN KGS 
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