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About SEA Club

The inspiring words and advice of the honoruble President Er.Koneru Satyanarayana and Vice President,Er.Koneru Raja Harin,(KLEF) to encourage different student and research clubs in the universitypaved way to the formation of Software Engineering Associates Club which is the brain child of Dr.K.Subrahmanyam,head of Software Engineering Research Group.



- Spirited


- Erudite


- Aspirants

To experience the process of discovering in a more elaborate, efficient and enthusiastic form.

A Panorama

SEA Club is an association that is committed towards the development of new strategies in software engineering. The club's chief objective is to build a firm bridge among the regular academics, Research & Development towards the Industrial arena. In order to achieve this and to redefine the dimensions in software development, SEA club always strives to inculcate awareness, passion and innovation among students. Futuristic projects, Interactive sessions, elucidating Presentations, Aspiring Social activities involved in the club help the students, faculty as well as research scholars to excel in the respective areas of interest and to establish an effective collaboration with the society outside. Team spirit is also one of the key strengths of the association where all the members co-function to produce effective results. Organised approach towards the accomplishment of these tasks is an essential factor here.


* To strive for spreading the essence of software development by promoting software engineering research activities.

* To conduct workshops and seminars on all research areas.

* To form an interactive community for students to develop team spirit.

* To provide an opportunity for the students to undertake projects under the guidance of our mentors.

* To offer our skills in development of applications and websites by performing coding, assuring reliability and effective testing.

* Inception of versatile capabilities in students like interpersonal skills, thinking abilities and professional approach.

* To inculcate social awareness among the students through charitable activities and make them think about real world problems.

The Grand Launch

On the day of April 2nd 2013, The Software Engineering Associates Club was launched officially by thehonourable Vice Chancellor Dr.A.SriHari Rao and the respected Head of the Department, Dr.V.Srikanth along with the head of the Software Engineering Research group, Dr.K.Subrahmanyam. Initiated by Dr. A. Sri Hari Rao, with the launch of a video demonstration about S.E.A club(created by the then III year student – M.KrishnaTeja) , the proceedings were taken up by Dr. V. Srikanth andDr. K. Subrahmanyam. The ceremony was attended by nearly 60 students and 30 faculty members.The Official logo and the website were launched by Dr. V. Srikanth.

* Logo of the club represents the fundamental agenda of the club i.e. Software Engineering.

* The SEA club title was encircled by the Phases of Software Engineering Development Life Cycle





whose success exclusively depends upon the Teamwork associated. Therefore, the wings of the logo were inscribed with the two salient words.

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SEA Club Teamwork

Teamwork leads to success with effective work.Teamwork makes the task simple,effective,effecient.It helps in reduction of time period in completion of Task.In SEA Club the strong,effective teamwork lead us to have the taste of success.To know.....

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