Student Projects

The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering was started in 1980.

List of B.Tech Final Year Projects during Academic Year 2012-2013

List of Mini Projects Prefered By B.Tech Students in the Academic Year 2012-2013.

Sno Year Sections
1 3rd Year 3A

List of Term Papers performed by the B.Tech & M.Tech students in the academic year 2011-2012

Sl. NO Course
1 IV/IV B.Tech Section-A
2 IV/IV B.Tech Section-B

List of projects performed by the IV/IV B.Tech students in the academic year 2010-2011

  1. Sub array technique implementation in phased array antennas
  2. Thinning in Planar antenna arrays
  3. Triangular Patch Array Antenna
  4. Synthetic Aperture RADAR imaging in RADAR
  5. A novel Approach to invisible communication using audio steganography
  6. Implementation of a Compact Single Pass Architecture for Hysterisis thresholding and component labelling in VHDL
  7. Atmospheric Effects on GPS navigation
  8. Enhanced Local Texture feature sets for Face recognition under difficult lighting conditions
  9. Acoustic echo cancellation using DSP
  10. Comparitive study of LS, MMSE and EKF techniques for channel estimation in OFDM system
  11. Design of 16 bit array multipler
  12. A research on IPP over crucial space centres of India
  13. Partial Multimedia encryption with different security levels
  14. Design and analysis of planar patch array antenna
  15. Simulation and synthesis of digital FM receiver using VHDL
  16. Dynamic channel strategies for cellular networks
  17. Advanced techniques for detection and removal of cracks in digitized paintings
  18. Position fixing technique for mobile communications using TDOA method
  19. BAR code generation and implementation using SPARTAN FPGA
  20. A research on Planar dipole array antenna
  21. Advanced techniques for Image Compression using artificial Neural Networks
  22. Minimax approach for channel estimation for OFDM in wireless Communications
  23. Efficient Power Allocation for Coded OFDM systems
  24. Channel Capacity of OFDM - MIMO System over Rayleigh and Rician fading Channels
  25. A batch notched micro strip fed planar monopole ultra wide band antenna
  26. Performance of a cluster based MAC protocol in Multi user MIMO wireless LANS
  27. Micro mouse - The MAZE Robot
  28. Study of Performance factors in Frequency Synthesizer for Wireless Applications
  29. Performance Evaluation of rectangular microstrip patch array antenna using different substrate materials
  30. Speech Recognition using Gradient based Acoustic features
  31. Wireless Compatible Biometric system for In-House Application
  32. An Invisible Communication for secret Sharing against Transmission Error
  33. Efficient Image Segmentation technique using Neural Networks
  34. An efficient Resource Allocation Strategy for future wireless cellular systems
  35. Performance Analysis of Upper and Lower bounds in different Wireless Systems
  36. Simulation and Synthesis of an Efficient 32 bit lossless Compression Method
  37. IEEE 802.16 Network Performance Analysis of Best Effort Service
  38. A Micro strip fed printed Bow-tie Antenna for simultaneous operation in the C & X bands
  39. GUI based implementation of Image Processing techniques
  40. Hierarchial multi scale LBP for face and palm print recognition
  41. Comparision of pitch detection processing methods in time domain and frequency domain
  42. Analysis of voice signals for the harmonics to noise cross over frequency
  43. A novel Ultra wide band yagi micro strip antenna for wireless applications
  44. Ionospheric Scintillation measurements of GPS signals
  45. Analysis and Modelling of high gain Inverted F Antenna for Wireless Applications
  46. Liquid Crystal Phased Array Antenna

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Mini - Projects

S. NoYear of StudyTitle ProjectDuration
1III/IV B.Tech ECEAM Radio ReceiverOne Semester
2II/IV B.Tech ECEEliminator + Independent Mini ProjectOne Semester

1. AM Radio Receiver

ECE Dept. has conducted Radio club for III /IV B.Tech. students in order to make them acquire practical knowledge and working skills with live signals.

All the students assembled their own kit in addition  to this some of the students constructed some other projects and demonstrated for various electronic exhibitions.

The following are the list of projects performed by the third year students

  1. Line and distance tracker (This is presented in Electronic exhibition conducted by K.L.C.E. and IIT Kharaghpur)
  2. RF Controlled distance tracker (presented in IIT Kanpur)
  3. Key Logger for key board
  4. Object counter
  5. Water level Controller

2. Workshop

Electronics and Communication Engineering department has conducted workshop for the II / IV B.Tech, students in order to make them familiar in practical knowledge and the working skills.

The students assembled their own power supply in order to perform and test their Electronic hobby circuits and Projects. The power supply is a low cost useful to provide variable voltage for all requirements (both analog and digital circuits).

In addition to the DC power supply they also selected a small electronic application oriented circuit assembled and demonstrated.

The following are the list of projects performed by the second year students in the academic year 2005-2006

  1. Antitheft alarm.
  2. Water tank level indicator.
  3. Day display.
  4. Electronic Harmonium.
  5. Clap switch.
  6. Low cost intercom.
  7. Coin Tosser.
  8. Simple Electronic lock.
  9. In-out indicator.
  10. Battery charger.
  11. Infrared object counter.
  12. Heat effected Buzzer.
  13. Hold on music for telephone.
  14. Who's first single chip game.
  15. Shadow alarm.
  16. Automatic Traffic lights model.
  17. Sound operated switch for lamps.
  18. Automatic rain detector.
  19. Touch sensitive musical bell.
  20. Hi–Fi intercom.
  21. Audio level indicator.