The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering was started in 1980.

Workshops organized by the department during 2013-2014

S.No Workshops Topic Speaker Designation Date Time Venue/ Hall name
1 Workshop SATELLITE BOTRICS Mr.Bhupendra Singh, Mr.Shashank Research Engineer 13th & 14th Feb 2014 9:00 AM to 5:00PM Jasmine hall

Workshops organized by the department during 2009-2013

S.No Workshops Topic Speaker Designation Date Time Venue/ Hall name
1 Workshop Vector Network Analyzer & Spectrum Analyzer Based Measurement Techniques Agilent Representative Agilent Representative 22-10-2013 2:00 PM
VC Chamber
2 Workshop Antenna Measurement Setup R&S Representative R&S Representative 21-10-2013 1:30 PM
LCRC-R&D, Dept. of ECE
3 Workshop RF-Microwave Measurements using VNA and SA Mr Navneet Anritsu Representative 1-10-2013 2:00 PM
Microwave Lab, Dept. of ECE
4 Workshop Computerized Tomography-Medical and Industrial Applications (CTMIA-13)

Dr. S. Vatsal

Dr. V. Masilamani

EX-Director, DRDO

IIITDM Kancheepuram.
10-08-2013 10:00AM
Peacock Hall.
5 Workshop Research Opportunities in Micro/Nano Systems Dr.Prem Pal & Dr.Ashok Kumar Pande

Dr.Nitin S.Kale

Mr.Sripada Raja
Professor, Center for Micro /Nano Systems, IIT Hyderabad

Lab manager of National Nano fabrication facility, IIT Mumbai

Programmer Intelli Suite Bangalore
25-26th March 2013 10:00AM
Jasmine Hall.
6 Workshop Python Scripting Mr Sunil Mohan Adapa

Mr. Ashish Avadhanula
Freelancer, Independent Software Consultant. Working  Group,FSFI

SAP Consultant, TCS, Hyderabad. Executive Member, Swecha
20th January, 2013 9:00AM
Sir C.V. Raman Seminar Hall, KL University.
7 Workshop F1 CARS DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT & SIMULATION Mr. Hairen and Mr.Harshil Design Engineers, MetaWing Infotech Pvt. Ltd,India 12th and 13th October 2012. 11:30AM
1:00 PM
Jasmine Hall
8 Linux(Workshop) Linux Concepts Mr. Asish Avadhanul Assoc system Engineer in TCS Hyderabad 21st &22nd  Feb 2012 9:00AM
Peacock Hall
9 Workshop RF SYSTEMDESIGN & TESTING. Mr.Vinay Balusa Asst.Manager, ROHDE &SCHWARZ INDIA PVT LTD. 19-12-2011 10:00 AM
4:30 PM
Jasmine Hall
10 Workshop Xilinx & Embedded Design Mr Mahesh Sankroj Software Engineer Xilinx, India 3-12- 2011To 4-12-2011 9:00 AM
5:00 PM
11 Workshop PRACTICAL RF CIRCUIT & SYSTEM DESIGN Mr.Dharmendra Nayak Application Engineer ICON 12-9-2011 to   14-9-2011 9:00AM
Innovation centre
12 PCB Design Work Shop PCB DESIGN Ms.K.Sireesha layout designer Efftronics Pvt.Ltd Vijayawada 9-9-2011to 10 -09-2011. 9:00AM
Jasmine Hall

List of Workshops in which faculty trained during the Year 2009-2011

Serial Number Title of the Program Trained skill Number of staff Trained Date of the program Location of the Training ID  of the Faculty Trained Names of the Faculty Trained
1 RF SYSTEMDESIGN & TESTING Spectrum Analyzer & Network Analyzer 3 19-12-2011 Jasmine Hall,KL University  928  Ms.K.Ch.Sri Kavya,
2497 Mr.Shameem
1955 Ms P.Poorna Priya
2 Xilinx & Embedded Design Plan Ahead Xilinx Software 4 3-12- 2011to 4-12-2011 DSP LAB,KL University  2221  Mr.B.Murali Krishna
2247 Mr.T.Praveen Blessington
24112488 Ms.S.AdiLakshmi,Dr.Fazal Noor Basha
3 Challenges in FPGA Based Digital System Design  FPGA Based Digital System Design  2 6- 6-2011to  18-6-2011  KL University  2221  Mr.B.Murali Krishna
2457  Mr.K.Hari Kishore
4 PRACTICAL RF CIRCUIT & SYSTEM DESIGN RF CIRCUIT&System Design 3 12-9-2011 to   14-9-2011 Innovation centreKLU  2497 Mr.Shameem
1388 Ms.K.V.L.Bhavani
1955 Ms.Purna Priya  
5   PCB DESIGN  PCB Layout 2 9-9-2011to 10 -09-2011 Jasmine Hall,KLU 2389 Mr.N.Suresh
1712 Mr.K.S.Ramesh
6 1.IUC 2010 
2.Xilinx software training programme
Xilinx software 2 2010 KL University  1180 1862  Prof. M. Siva Ganga PrasadMr.G.Rakesh Chowdary 
7 IUCEE on DSP workshop DSP 4 October 2009 KL University  74392815691955 Mr.D.S.Ram Kiran,Ms.K.Ch.Sri Kavya, Ms.S.Jayalakshmi,Ms.P.Poorna Priya
8 Mission 10X on teaching methods  teaching methods  4 October 2009 KL University  74392815691955 Mr.D.S.Ram Kiran,Ms.K.Ch.Sri Kavya,Ms.S.Jayalakshmi,Ms.P.Poorna Priya
9 IUCEE on RF & Microwave RF & Microwave 3 October 2009 KL University  7439281569  Mr.D.S.Ram Kiran,Ms.K.Ch.Sri Kavya,Ms.S.Jayalakshmi,