KLU-Incubation Center


K L E F Incubation centre is able to support the incubatees in respect of "Space + Services + Knowledge or skill" for successful implementation of a prototype to start a start-up. The Incubation centre also provide help to get seed support. The objective of the seed support is to bridge the gap, so that the financial constraint doesn't become a stumbling block in the 'Concept to commercialization' process. This is bridge fund, if it is successfully utilized, would enable the incubatee to seek higher level of financial support from funding agencies for further growth.

Some of the government funding agencies like DST, Dept of Electronics and Information Technology etc will support the start-ups through TBI, once TBI is established in the K L E F.

The steps involved in the selection of Incubatees are:

  • Screening of Application Forms by TBI Committee and forwarding to the Experts Panel

  • Reviewing of the application by Experts panel and identifying of prospective Incubatee.

  • Interviewing of Incubatee by the Experts Panel.

  • Receiving Formal approval from Panel.

  • Negotiating of TBI Terms & Conditions with incubatee.

  • Executing of Agreement by the Incubatee.

  • Inducting of Incubatee in TBI.

The selection and induction procedure may take a few days time

Incubation activities


Mentors of K L E F-Incubation centre closely monitors product development of the incubatee company.

Business Plan Development:

Experts from K L E F-IIE help incubatee companies to strengthen their business plan after conducting market surveys, if required, and financial plan.

Business Promotion:

K L E F-IIE helps finding business partners & venture capitalists and provide consultancy on business promotion.


  1. To foster the entrepreneurial culture among the students by consistent training and motivation.

  2. To identify the various opportunities in different sectors of business and inculcate the entrepreneurial competencies required to start a business in the particular sector.

  3. To organize Entrepreneurship Awareness Campaign to create awareness about Entrepreneurship.

  4. To organize Student Development programmes to inculcate technical as well as managerial skills to become competent entrepreneur.

  5. To organize the Faculty Development programme to enrich their entrepreneurial thoughts.

  6. To organize Technology Development Programmes to enhance the practical exposure of different technologies to be adopted in the industries.

  7. To provide Skill Development and Job Oriented Short term courses to enhance the competency of the students and their employable skills.

  8. To organize leadership programmes to inculcate the leadership qualities to the budding entrepreneurs.

  9. To be a Resource Centre of all information pertaining to different sector.

  10. To train the students in preparation of Business Plan and to organize Business Plan Competitions at the University.

  11. To involve in Sponsored Research relevant to Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship.

  12. To facilitate the students in the process of transforming their business ideas into a venture by guidance and support.