KLU-Innovation Center


It aims to inculcate a spirit of innovation. The Centre functions as a nodal agency which promotes ideation and innovation among the students and faculty. It is a part of the Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship (IIE) and, works in collaboration with centre of incubation and Entrepreneurship.

Innovation Process:

Ideas may spontaneous or directed. Ideas will be short listed through following stages:

  • Ideas fest will be conducted like start-up weekend where students of K L E F or other college students will participate and present their ideas in presence of the internal and external experts. Some ideas will be short listed and finalized

  • Then short listed ideas will be forwarded to a team of experts for further analysis and discussion at a level that is one step closer towards implementation. This is done in collaboration with industry experts who test the idea in real world environments.

Main components of IIE are:

  • Student’s innovation team

  • Faculty innovation team

  • Alumni innovation team

Benefits of innovation:

  • Improve product quality

  • Learn about new technology

  • Reduce production cost

  • Reduce labour costs

  • Open up new markets

  • Reduce energy consumption

  • Reduce environment effects

  • Improve working conditions

Innovation is 1% ideation, 9% evaluation 7% polishing but 90% implementation

In short,

  • Innovation takes many forms. Innovation can be a process, product, service, or anything that helps firms to perform better.

  • Innovation can originate from anyone. Anyone can innovate, as innovation requires a mindset that probes perceived boundaries to bring new ideas to fruition.

  • Innovation is the transformation of creative ideas into useful applications by combining resources in new or unusual ways to provide value to the society through improved products, technology, or services.