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Faculty Satisfaction Survey

Feedback Form

1. University’s documents that guide your teaching are helpful.

2. Curriculum innovation is encouraged and supported.

3. Development of teaching and learning practices is supported

4. The library gives my students enough access to textbooks and other books.

5. Accomplishments in teaching are appropriately recognized

6. Students are well prepared for my courses in terms of pre-requisite subject knowledge

7. Students understand English well enough to follow my lectures and to write papers

8. Student attendance is good

9. Students submit their work on time

10. The teaching load is reasonable

11. There is an opportunity to undertake personal professional development

12. I am adequately supported in advising students on course choices

13. The annual review process is transparent

14. How positive or negative are your interactions with other members of your department?

15. How effective is the leadership of your department?

16. How valued do feel your input and opinions are to department leaders?

17. How effectively are your talents being utilised by the department?

18. How satisfied or dissatisfied are you with the senior administration at [department/university]?

19. How fair or unfair are the administrative procedures at [department/university]?

20. How manageable or unmanageable is your teaching requirement at [department/university]?

21. How easy or difficult is it to focus on your students’ education and wellbeing?

22. How easy or difficult is it to obtain the resources that you need for teaching at [department/university]?

23. How fairly are you compensated for your work at [department/university]?

24. Overall, how satisfied or dissatisfied were you with [department/university] as a place to work?

25. How likely or unlikely are you stay at [department/university] for the next year?

26. Any Comments: