Upcoming Events

  • 12.03.2020:Cultural Exchange Programmes - Hobby Clubs
  • March 2020:Vayana Club Competitions - Vayana Club
  • March 2020:Nrithya -20 - Narthana Club
  • March 2020:Photography Competitions - Chalana Chitra Club
  • February 2020:Varna Club Competitions - Varna Club
  • February 2020:Surabhi Staff Cultural Competitions - Hobby Clubs
  • February 2020:Movie Magic -20 - Chalana Chitra Club
  • February 2020::Swara Club Mega Event - Swara Club
  • 26.01.2020:71st Republic Day Celebrations - Hobby Clubs
  • 4th week of January-20: NAATAK-20 Inter Collegiate Dramatic Competitions - Abhinaya club
  • 03.01.20 ,04.01.20: Sankranthi Sambaralu - Hobby Clubs

Hobby Clubs

KL Deemed to be University constitutes hobby clubs established for students to pursue their interests in various extracurricular activities as part and parcel of their academics. The extracurricular activities like singing, dancing, acting, speaking, painting, fashion designing and social/community service.

The Hobby Clubs are designed to suit students’ timings without hindrance to academic work and also indirectly help them to perform well overall. Students actively participate in different events to develop team spirit and also achieve laurels and prizes for themselves and for the university. Hobby clubs have exclusive trainers along with latest and advanced instruments and facilities. Students also play an active part in the organization of the annual festivals conducted by the university such as SAMYAK and SURABHI.

More than relaxation and recreation it has been observed that students are developing their personalities to perform better during placements and in life in general. Being part of the hobby clubs will also become part as campus life memories even after college.