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Student Exit Survey

Feedback Form

1. Admissions processing
2. Student academic records and transcripts
3. Registration Process
4. Financial Aid (If not applicable select "Not Applicable")
5. Classroom and Campus Social Climate
6. Availability of Anti ragging committee
7. Availability of counseling facilities
8. Accessibility of faculty members in your department/program
9. Scholarly and professional competency of the graduate faculty in your department/program
10. Teaching effectiveness of faculty in your field
11. Faculty helpfulness with your course work
12. Sufficiency of feedback on your academic progress
13. Quality of advising and program counseling available in your department/program
14. Availability of on-time information on comprehensive exams or papers
15. Adequacy of guidance regarding your research interest and publication
16. Guidance during thesis/dissertation
17. Guidance on career options and plans after graduation
18. Opportunities for intellectual and social interaction between faculty and students in department/program
19. Flexibility of the program to meet the needs of individual students
20. Breadth and depth of courses offered in your graduate study
21. Opportunities to develop research skills
22. Quality of instruction in your graduate courses
23. Fairness of evaluation procedures used in graduate courses
24. Training Programs conducted for your professional development
25. Overall level of satisfaction with your choice of KLU department/program for your graduate study
26. Adequacy and accuracy of information given by the Department Office
27. Promptness of responses provided by the Department staff
28. Availability of the Department Office staff for assistance
29. Adequacy of library holdings on your program of study
30. Availability of computer facilities
31. Accessibility of materials and laboratory equipment
32. Adequacy of books in the department library
33. Availability of parking facilities
34. Security and safety measures on campus
35. Availability of canteen/food facilities
36. Availability of medical facilities
37. How good are the hostel facilities?
38. How good is the transport facility?
39. Sports and games facilities
40. Organization of Cultural programs
41. Campus greenery and cleanness
42. Student Club Activities
43. Internship Activities
44. Placement opportunities extended to your batch
45. Communication with parents / Guardians
46. Care and guidance given to slow learners
47. Overall Teaching and learning process
48. HOD's accessibility and interaction
49. Overall Faculty skills and performance
Placement Details
Any Recommendations: