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Director's Profile

Sri.M V L Narasimham Naresh

Director - IAS Academy

PH.NO: 9000039327


Our Director holds a Masters in English Literature with University Rank and obtained qualifications from CIEFL (EFLU) and Cambridge University. With knowledge and experience in Civil Services exam, he has been guiding aspirants for IAS for more than two decades and instrumental in the success of several individuals.

Narasimham authored many books and prepared content for the sake of UPSC, APPSC/TSPSC exam takers too. He provides guidance and constant emotional, academic support to all his students.

He taught in several foreign Universities and colleges including Saudi Arabia, Oman, Eritrea etc. Earlier he taught for various exams like GMAT, GRE, SAT,IELTS,PTE,TOEFL, CLAT and was a qualified examiner for BULATS. Several students received training by him and under his mentorship could gain admissions into reputed Universities like Monash, Illinois, Wisconsin, California, MIT, NUS and other such well-known Universities. With his vast experience in CAT Training, he has eventually reached the position of Verbal Product Head. He helped thousands of students in getting good scores in CAT and GMAT and many of his students could make it into nation's top business schools like IIM-A, IIM-B, ISB and foreign Universities.

Apart from Civil Service-related areas, our Director has strong and unflinching loyalty to academics in areas like Telugu sahityam, Public Administration, Political Science, philosophy and Literature in general.

Director’s message

Dear Aspirant!

Here are warm greetings, before we go any further. You’ve made a right decision in the right time. Enthusiasm and committed work shall always lead towards success. Make sure that you will be undaunted during the entire process and stages of preparation. Do not allow any external force take over you, play with you. And, please do not deviate from the tasks before. Just give your best in everything for the needs of study and exam preparation.

Academic excellence is credible, commendable. However, in competitive exams even a single mark counts. The magnitude and level of competition has always been on an ascending order. Young India is ambitious, diligent and disciplined, no doubt. But, guidance is the key to steer the talent in the desired direction. Herein, mentoring comes into picture. An inspirational trainer, impartial knowledge provider, elevated guru, strong team of experts, sensible and sensitive research wing and ambience filled learning atmosphere is the ideal setting. Beyond this-it is all in you. In reality, no system or trainer can really turn you into a successful individual by a proverbial touch. You should work- work and work. My friends- believe me-diamonds are never made by men; they are polished by people who deem it as a personal achievement!

Thousands try, few alone emerge as winners. Where in lies the problem? While everyone has the same level of intelligence, similar attitude, exposure to training materials and coaching classes, usual reading or writing habits we witness an unusual change in some really serious and determined candidates during the course of their preparation. They have a nuanced approach, variety of self-made notes or study aides, perhaps more productive and exam-oriented learning strategies, unique answer writing methods and above all balanced and scientific ways of dealing with all challenges of the toughest exam. What did you draw?

We hone your skills and lead you with examples by way of right selection of materials, constant practice with old questions and examiner guess questions. Much more, we stand by you and ensure that your entire preparation is going on the right track and that you aren’t down academically, emotionally, spiritually or otherwise. Right from the day one to the final day, we zealously protect you from any negative challenges and supply all needed motivation. You do work; we show you and lead you because we know the path.

Be meticulously honest folks! Read with love, write with interest, discuss with confidence and argue with passion. Let nothing except knowledge suggest you. Emerge a winner.

All the best.

Mandagondi Naresh


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