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Admissions are Open for 2020-2021 Academic Year


  • To equip the students with ample knowledge in all the areas of testing in UPSC and State Service Commission Exams.
  • To bring out remarkable change in perspectives and develop broad approaches to every issue by sensitizing.
  • To provide confidence and sustain interest in academics so as to turn the spirit of inquiry among the students into serious researching ability.
  • To promote interest in academics and higher studies and to strengthen their IQ,EQ and SQ.
  • To inculcate the spirit of patriotism, Scientific temperament, societal development, responsibility, values and respect to family and neighborhood.
  • To develop physical fitness, stamina and encourage true sportsmanship by providing sufficient opportunities to participate in several games and sports.
  • To enhance reading habits and lead them towards refined enjoyment and selective skill-based reading of divergent, complex reading texts.
  • To encourage independent thinking, critical thinking among the students for the task of taking up career, life challenges.
  • To bridge the gaps in learning, thinking, understanding and appreciation of several concepts.
  • To emerge them as winners in the competitive world and direct energy towards the path of rectitude.

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