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School Of Architecture

About KLEF School of Architecture

The KLEF School of Architecture offers five years Bachelors degree in Architecture with an advanced curriculum that allows students to try and design variety of things from murals to wall paints and from hanging gardens to skyscrapers. Students will be given hands on experience using the state of the art studio infrastructure, industry interaction, professional exposure and internships by involving students in ongoing projects. The motto is to train the student to be able to design unique and innovative styles with the minimal resources to attain the maximum benefits, applying eco-friendly techniques. We made every effort in taking our students to great heights by facilitating teaching learning through projects, field visits, interactive sessions and learning by doing it practically in the studio.

HOD Message

"Welcome to School of Architecture, K L Deemed to be University!!!!
The faculty at School of Architecture is a unique combination of artists and scientists of modern built environment. Our faculty comes from a diverse architecture background, each one adding a unique strength thus enabling us to bring the best out of students. Our dynamic team of architects are fully geared to bring efficient ideas to keep up with the pace of ever-changing context and technological advancements in the industry.
I feel honoured to be leading and facilitating such a team of intellectuals. Our focus is to polish self-confidence and creativity of the students. We follow both the traditional and modern teaching methodology so that our students are aware of architectural history, current practices and at the same time are innovative and sensitive towards the future demands. Our department realizes its social responsibilities as well and we continue to organize and participate in events to promote awareness regarding carbon footprint, plastics hazards caused by excessive use of plastics, water management and sustainability.
The department is establishing a network with universities for collaboration of both academic and research activities. Excellent opportunities for exploring design though off campus education is also provided.
Our curriculum and methodologies are dynamic, thus producing architects, artists and designers who are fully capable to undertake modern day challenges. Our focus is also to establish a link between academic and professional commitments.
To conclude Architecture program are tailored to produce professionals who are adaptive to the current challenges of the modern-day environment.



The School of Architecture offers five years Bachelors degree in Architecture.

Our Vision

To evolve as one of the renowned architectural schools globally.

Our Mission

To equip students to be familiarized and get acquainted with the present & future trends of the architecture through quality education of the highest order and to train students as globally competitive and socially responsible architects with intrinsic values.

Program Objectives

  • To stimulate student’s artistic sensitivity and creativity
  • To strengthen student’s capabilities to be able to respond to complex social habitat needs locally and globally.
  • To be able to comprehend the complex urban architectural needs.
  • To build entrepreneurial abilities to create employment and self sustainability.

Program Outcomes

The Program Outcomes of the B. Arch at KLEF coincides with the Council of Architecture (COA), which is a superset of program outcomes of the National Board of Accreditation.

  • PO1. To understand the social and human habitat requirements and offer smart and meaningful solutions.
  • PO2. To apply the basic principles and elements of Architecture of architecture while designing projects.
  • PO3. Designing architecturally significant projects by keeping the socio, economic and cultural issues and challenges in mind.
  • PO4. To be able to apply  the theoretical knowledge to achieve Architectural Design solutions
  • PO5.To groom socially responsible architects that honors professional and environmental ethics.
  • PO6. Capacity building to comprehend the research and the technological advancements taking place in the field of Architecture
  • PO7, Communicate effectively and work in interdisciplinary groups according to the project scale.
  • PO8.To develops leadership skills to guide the workforce of the construction industry in the right direction.
  • PO9. Ability to convert the imaginary design as an architectural marvel to meet the contemporary needs.
  • PO10. To train student in designing aesthetically pleasant, structurally viable buildings and encourage the application of technological advancements in the building construction.

Program Specific Outcomes

  • PS01: Ability to enhance creative designing skills to overcome constraints in architecture.
  • PS02: To understand the architectonic complexity and use appropriate techniques and technology in the given project.