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School Of Architecture


KL Campus buzzes with activities where tens and thousands of young men and women, with great aspirations and ambitions come here to pursue their academics and career. They build associations and make intense relationships with the student fraternity and faculty. They leave their footprints with their ideas, imaginations and innovations. While carving a niche of themselves, they inspire many, while getting inspired equally by the others.

 The below mentioned activities offer the glimpses of the student centric activities in the  School of Architecture at KLU .

List of Activities

Induction program

Induction is an important phase in student’s life where student gets familiarized with faculty, the department and facilities in the university . Each year, we at the school of Architecture conducts this induction program with great zeal.

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Important Events

The panoramic student life is filled with events meant to inspire students for knowledge transfer, exposure to innovations and to promote the cultural and spiritual atmosphere in the campus to groom them as professionals and responsible citizens.

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Amaravathi Design Festival

IGBC Student Chapter Launch

Architecture Day Celebrations

Fresher’s Day Celebrations

Ganesh Puja

Teachers’ Day Celebrations

Industry Visit

As a part of academic curriculum the students of 2nd,3rd and 4th years of School of Architecture had been  to the “Ultra tech – Ready Mix Concrete Plant”. The students were provided an onsite insight of the process, working of the machinery and various testing tools and market demands. The site visit covers the subjects of Building Materials, Building construction – IV and Advanced Building Construction and Materials helping them for a better understanding.

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Seminars & Webinars

Both Seminars and webinars are the online and offline platforms to promote knowledge dissemination and interactive teaching-learning. They are also the places where students get acquainted with the industry experts; develop networking and interpersonal relations with the peers and the veterans.

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Earthquake Resistant Design of Buildings

Integrated Building Services in Design

New Generation Concrete


Workshops are the platforms that promote hands on experience and learning instantly, promoting the habit of learning by doing it. The School of Architecture at KLU organizes technical, linguistic and academic workshops topromote exposure to students.

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Architectural Rendering

Hands on Bamboo


Visiting and gathering firsthand knowledge is an essential part of the quality education. We at KLU School of architecture believe in touring the sites where the architectural marvels of national and global significance grace their presence due to historical reasons.

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North India Design Tour

Sketching Tour

Parents and Teachers Meet

Parents and Teachers are the important stakeholders that play crucial role in the student’s overall development along with the organization, they are pursuing studies.

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The students of School of Architecture at KL University participated in 61stZonal NASA Convention which was conducted in SIT – TUMKUR during 18th to 21st of October 2018. 50 colleges from Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Goa participated with student strength of 2000. We are Glad to announce that our students from all the semesters has participated in various design trophies, formal events , casual events and informal events, many seminars and workshop.

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Juries-Deal with an Architect

The “Deal with an ARCHITECT” is a process that students have to discuss/debate/defend the designs with an architect. It’s where the student will pin their work up on the wall, and then try ,click here for more.