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School Of Architecture

Seminar on Rural Construction Technologies

As a part of its wide range of initiatives the NIRD has put rural construction technologies as one of its key agenda. A RTP (Rural Technology Park) has been built in its campus in Rajendra nagar in Hyderabad. Construction which has its key role playing in architecture led us to initiate a seminar to educate the students in these technologies. The seminar focused on the existing technologies that are being implemented in many villages and also the role of young architects in developing such technologies more further. All these technologies were developed keeping in mind the local available materials and the sustainability of materials.

The Principal, School of Architecture, Ar. Ravi Shankar Sir who is an expert in the field of earthen architecture has addressed the gathering giving a key note speech and creating awareness about the topic. The project engineer of RTP and Sanitary park Mr.B.N.Mani from NIRD whose brainchild is the RTP has given his seminar giving the students an insight in the need, purpose and scope of these technologies. Mr.B.N.Mani has immense experience in this field bagging himself with the credit of organizing many workshops in Afghanistan etc and an experience of almost 20 years in the field. The seminar ended on a fruitful basis by extending this collaboration with NIRD and conducting an intensive workshop in rural construction technologies in the coming semester.