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School Of Architecture

Program Educational Objectives

  • Should be able to stimulate artistic sensitivity and creative powers. (SKILL)
  • Strengthen intellectual growth and the capacity to develop creative and responsible solutions to unique and changing problems. (EMPL)
  • Acquire leadership capabilities necessary for the competent practice of architecture and lifelong learning. (ETPR)
  • Pursue advanced education, research and development, and other creative and innovative efforts in the field of Architecture. (SKILL).

  • Program Objectives

    The B.Arch program in KLEF is designed to meet the Program Outcomes as identified by Council of Architecture (COA). These constitute a superset of program outcomes identified by National Board of Accreditation.

  • PO1. Ability to gain knowledge of Humanities, Sciences and Architecture and the application of knowledge in practice.
  • PO2. Use the elements of Architecture and apply basic principles in Architectural Design.
  • PO3. Identify and solve the social, economical and cultural issues in Architectural Design.
  • PO4. Ability to apply theoretical knowledge to achieve Architectural Design solutions.
  • PO5. Recognize the ethical and professional responsibilities and the norms of Architectural practice.
  • PO6. Ability to research, review, comprehend and report technological developments happening in the field of Architecture.
  • PO7. Communicate effectively and work in interdisciplinary groups according to the project scale.
  • PO8. To guide the Building construction workforce in the right direction.
  • PO9. Ability to understand the real life situation in converting the On-paper design to On-site design of Architectural Practice.
  • PO10. To make the student design aesthetically pleasing, structurally viable buildings and encourage technological advancements in the building construction industry.

  • Program Specific objectives

  • PS01: Ability to enhance creative design skills in attaining design solutions in architecture.
  • PS02: To understand the design complexity of the designed structure and use appropriate building construction techniques and technology for the particular structure.