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S. No. Department Committee Faculty Incharge
1 Committee for speaking english Mr.M.Ram Kumar
2 Discipline committee Mr.T.Ganesan, and  Mr.D.Anand
3 Womens’ forum committee Dr.E.Sridevi
4 Lab monitoring committee Dr.SK.Razia and Dr.M.Anusha
5 LMS/ERP committee Mr S. Pradeep Raj and Mr.E.Rajesh Kumar         
6 Details of meetings with HODs /Faculty/Staff Ms.V.PremaLatha
7 Vetting committee Ms.M.Anila
8 Details of Academic feedback from students on current semester courses Mr.E Rajesh Kumar
9 Details of verification on Academic counseling activity Ms.P.Gayathri
10 Girls’ hostels committee Ms.U.Harita
11 Canteen committee Ms.S.Harika
12 Details of Complaints -Suggestions received through complaint box-book Ms.S.Karimunisha
13 Details of Computer systems available in the department Dr.SK.Razia and Dr M Anusha
14 Details of Laboratory / Furniture maintenance Dr.SK.Razia and Dr M Anusha
15 Result analysis committee Mr.A.Srinivasarao and  Mr. ASALGG Gupta
16 Internal Theory /Lab Result analysis Mr.A.Srinivasarao
17 Sem End Theory /Lab Result analysis Mr.A.Srinivasarao