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S. No. Department Committee Faculty Incharge
1 Department Advisory Committee N. Lakshman Pratap
2 Committee for speaking english C.Priyanka
3 Discipline committee MNVRL Kumar, B. Sai Sandeep
4 Monitoring Seating Arrangement Mr. Raja Gopal, Dr.N.Tamiloli
5 Womens’ forum committee Mrs.K.Sireesha, S. Nagendram
6 Lab monitoring committee Dr.N.Siddaiah
7 LMS/ERP committee D Phanindra Kshatra
8 Details of meetings with HODs /Faculty/Staff Mrs.K.Sireesha
9 Number of Students having backlog subjects (Semester) Mr. D.bhaskar 
10 Details of Academic feedback from students on current semester courses M. Aditya  
11 Details of verification on Academic counseling activity  Mr.R.Santosh KumarMr.M.Anil Kumar 
12 Transport committee  Mr.R.Santosh Kumar
13 Details of the students who conducted / participated in various competitions Mr. B. Sai Sandeep
14  Details of the Awards / Recognitions received by students / scholars (Semester & Annual) Mr. P Appalaraju Mr.R.Agilesh Saravanan 
15 No of Classrooms in the department Mr .R.Agilesh Saravanan
16 FOL I/CS(Parent Dept. Concern FOLs Proofs Mr. L Ranganath Mr.M.Anil  Kumar