About Our Wings

Children & Youth Wing

There is a famous quote on children: ‘Today’s children are tomorrows citizens’. Keeping the above point as CEA’s main motive CEA works on: Eradicating child labor: Where CEA creates awareness in villages and in parents the need for sending their child to school rather than work.

Rural development Wing

A quote ‘India lives in her village’ clearly states that the development of India can’t be achieved as long as there is no development in rural areas? For this CEA takes initiative in following areas: Health: health check-up campaign, awareness of contagious diseases, and classes on First aid etc

Student sensitization program (ssp) Wing

The vision of CEA emphasizes on increasing the social consciousness among students by involving them in different social service activities and such a vision can be accomplished only when more and more students involve in such activities. So, a good number of student sensitizing activities viz.

Women Wing

Harassments against women are increasing day by day. Not only in work places but also at homes. As the age of the mother earth is increasing the security of women on the earth is decreasing. Keeping this point in view the activities will be done.

Innovation Wing

“Our job is not to prepare students for something,Our job is to help students prepare themselves for anything”

To establish a culture of social innovation in the student body and our society at large and to leverage both conventional and emerging ideas from science, engineering ,arts ,humanities and all other fields of human endeavours, in order to produce sustainable and accessible solutions to social problems.