Academic CEA Calendar 2020-21

S.NO Event Name Month in which to be Conducted
1 Kargil Vijay Diwas 3rd week of July-2020
2 Tabloid 3rd week of July-2020
3 C.E.A-Registrations 4th week of July-2020
4 Health Awareness in rainy season 1st week August-2020
5 Bursted Minds 1st week August -2020
6 Vruttaleka 1st week August-2020
7 She Free She Fly 2nd week of August-2020
8 Tech Buzz 3rd week of August-2020
9 Science Fair / Protsah 1st week of August-2020
10 Depression Awareness 1st week September-2020
11 Rice Challenge by CEA & Aastha Club 2nd week September-2020
12 Organ Donation 2nd week September-2020
13 Self Employment Activities 2nd week September-2020
14 Tech Speak 3nd week September-2020
15 Go Green & E-Waste 2nd week October-2020
16 Bala Vikasam 2nd week October-2020
17 Self Defence Training to Girl Students 3rd week October-2020
18 Nutrition Awareness 4th week October -2020
19 Diabetic Awareness 2nd week November-2020
20 Kisan Divas (Farmer’s Day) 3rd week December-2020
21 Nibhand 2nd week January-2021
22 Cancer Day Awareness 1st week February-2021
23 National Science Day 4th week February-2021
24 Women Empowerment Brigade 2nd week March-2020