Upcoming Events

  • 3rd week of July-2020:Kargil Vijay Diwas
  • 3rd week of July-2020:Tabloid
  • 4th week of July-2020:C.E.A-Registrations
  • 1st week August-2020:Health Awareness in rainy season
  • 1st week August -2020:Bursted Minds
  • 1st week August-2020:Vruttaleka
  • 2nd week of August-2020:She Free She Fly
  • 3rd week of August-2020:Tech Buzz
  • 1st week of August-2020:Science Fair / Protsah
  • 1st week September-2020:Depression Awareness
  • 2nd week September-2020:Rice Challenge by CEA & Aastha Club
  • 2nd week September-2020:Organ Donation
  • 2nd week September-2020:Self Employment Activities
  • 3nd week September-2020:Tech Speak
  • 2nd week October-2020:Go Green & E-Waste
  • 2nd week October-2020:Bala Vikasam
  • 3rd week October-2020:Self Defence Training to Girl Students
  • 4th week October -2020:Nutrition Awareness
  • 2nd week November-2020:Diabetic Awareness
  • 3rd week December-2020: Kisan Divas (Farmer's Day)
  • 2nd week January-2021Nibhand
  • 1st week February-2021Cancer Day Awareness
  • 4th week February-2021National Science Day
  • 2nd week March-2020:Women Empowerment Brigade


To imbibe social consciousness into the student community


To organize philanthropic activities with special concentration on welfare of children, youth, women, rural and urban-slum population. To organize public awareness activities, like awareness sessions on solid and wet waste management, solar power generation etc. To provide Engineering Solutions for persistent social problems and for profitability in different sectors.