Chemistry is the study of the world of atoms, molecules, and solids. Chemists are both students and architects of this miniature universe, exploring the changes that occur, discovering the principles that govern these chemical changes, and devising ways to create entirely new classes of compounds and materials. Previous triumphs of chemistry include the synthesis of pharmaceuticals and agricultural products, while current challenges include chemical memory, solar cells, superconductors, clean fuels, batteries, and the solution of numerous important problems relating to health and the environment.

  • To become DST-FIST supported department
  • To implement innovative curriculum and academic programs to enhance recruitment, learning and retention
  • To strengthen the department to world-class standards and to evolve in the area of excellence in chemical sciences
  • To increase annual publication numbers and impact (raising total citations) per faculty member
  • To modernize the research laboratories to take up innovative projects in emerging areas like Smart Materials Lab with SEM/TEM/XRD/ NMR etc.
PEO1 A. To prepare students in diverse fields of Chemical Sciences such as pharmaceutical, chemical, polymer, advanced material, energy, and in the fields of Societal expectations on time.
PEO2 B. To prepare students for advanced studies in Chemistry and its allied fields.
PEO3 C. To ensure our students to achieve excellence and get selected for Government and other professional positions and inculcate leadership qualities.
PEO4 D. To develop graduate’s skills and awareness to become socially, ethically and morally responsible individual in all the challenges they take over, in our communities and in the field of chemical Sciences.
PO1 Ability to understand the scope and principles of Chemistry
PO2 Ability to understand and implement complex chemical equations and chemical compositions
PO3 Ability to analyze the outcomes of experiments on chemicals and their product
PO4 Ability to understand the chemicals deeply and their effects on environment and health
PO5 Ability to connect the latest developments in Chemistry with the knowledge attained during academics and come up with better ideas
PO6 Awareness of the impact of Chemistry in all domain of the society including environment, manufacturing, and production, etc.

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PSO1 Global level research opportunities to pursue Ph. D program targeted approach of CSIR – NET examination, Discipline specific competitive exams conducted by service commission.
PSO2 Enormous job opportunities at all level of chemical, pharmaceutical, food products, life oriented material industries.


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