Welcome to IEQIP-2023

IoT and Quantum Computing are technological phenomena that are shaping businesses and industries. Moreover, integrating IoT and Quantum Computing solutions evolve ecosystems to offer optimum commercial practices. The emergence of these two phenomena offers revolutionary advancements. Further, Quantum Computing introduces avant-garde encryption algorithms for resilient security solutions in IoT systems. This conference will reflect how Internet of Everything (IoE) combines sensing, computation, information extraction, and communication functionalities together in a device. IoE allows different electronic devices with different capabilities to sense the environment and to communicate for data exchange. Further, the challenge now is to identify, monitor, and ensure quality in IoT security. Moreover, there is a significant rise in data and information transfer due to a rise in the number of devices. Hence, there is a requirement for responsive, scalable, analytical, and efficient solutions..

This conference seeks to establish itself as a premier venue for showcasing top-notch original research, game-changing inventions, and captivating insights in quantum engineering and Internet of Everything. One of the following technical paper tracks will take peer-reviewed technical papers that can be on any subject pertaining to IoE and quantum computing into consideration. Technical articles need to be original and can't be submitted to another journal or conference at the same time.

All selected and presented papers will be published in Springer series "Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems". https://www.springer.com/series/15179