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Doctor of Philosophy

Areas of Specializations

Objectives of the Academic research programs offered by Computer Science and Engineering Department

1.To offer research programs in the specializations that include

  • Computer Networks and security

  • Software Engineering

  • Artificial Intelligence & Data Science

  • Speech Processing

  • High Performance Computing

  • Cloud Computing

  • Network Security and Digital forensics

  • Internet of Things (ioT)

2.To conduct research in the emerging areas that include

  • Wireless Sensor Networks

  • Wireless Channel Simulation

  • Wireless Network Resource Optimizers

  • Remote sensors

  • Quantum Key Cryptography

  • Performance analysis of network resources

  • Encryption & Broadcasting

  • Secured systems and attack patterns

  • Multi cast data transfer in Mobile networks

  • Cryptography conventions

  • Adaption of Cleanroom software engineering to different classes of applications

  • Extreme programming

  • Aspect oriented programming

  • Distributed Data Mining

  • Cognitive Data Mining

  • Spatial temporal data mining

  • Cognition built knowledge discovery

  • Word sense extraction

  • Spatial temporal data mining

  • High Performance Computing

  • Virtual computing