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Department of
electronics & communication Engineering


Our Faculty-our pride

The department boasts of 234 well qualified faculty that have either PhD degrees or pursuing them currently. We are proud of the wealth of knowledge in our repositories, as our faculty has published more than 2500 research articles in indexed journals with high impact factor.  We were furnishing the list of faculty here to boost the morale of the present and prospective students.  Click here for the list.

Foreign Faculty

Mentioned below is the list of faculty that has worked in foreign universities and extending their service in the department of ECE. Click the link for details.

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Our faculty has unsatisfied thrust for knowledge and they did not stop with their PhD degrees. They are exploring the horizons and have gone beyond, pursuing post-doctoral degrees in some of the best national and international universities. Click the link for details.

Faculty Development

Knowledge acquisition and the skill development are the two sides of the same coin and one can’t flourish without the others. Our faculty is tireless in attending Faculty Development Program (FDP), Seminars, Workshops, Conferences, Orientations, webinars, and serving as guest faculty. Interaction, networking, knowledge sharing and exchange, information dissemination and acquiring research projects are the motto of these activities that go beyond the class room teaching to sharpen their skills. Find the details furnished below.

List of seminars attended & presented papers

List of Workshops


National/International Conferences

Guest Lectures

Orientation Lectures


Awards/ Accolades/ Recognition

In recognition of their active contribution for research, academic teaching and mentoring our faculty have won the hearts of many agencies and organizations that have felicitated them with awards and accolades. Click the link fir the detailed list of award winning faculty

Faculty Events

Apart from knowledge sharing and dissemination, our faculty has contributed as decision makers, leaders, and strategic planners in working groups, policy discussions and training programs. Find furnished the details and give them a big round of applause for them.