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The Research Policy Analysis and Coordination (RPAC) unit in the department of ECE is the highest body that formulates guidelines and provides assistance in identifying our industry stakeholders, formation of research projects and research groups, execution and implementation of the research outcome. Click here for details.

Research Bulletin

Research work getting published in a journal with high impact factor and indexed in reputed indexing sites is not an ordinary achievement. It requires rigorous efforts and thorough practice. Our faculty is not tired of publishing and presenting their research in the national and the international forums. Find more details in the link attached.

Research Groups

The department of ECE constantly engages students in the core research arrears of the department by placing them in three research groups we have at present and there is no bar in forming new research groups as and when required and depending upon the research and industry demands. Click here for details.

Centers of Excellence

Our center of excellence has a clear motto to promote research and research projects that drive the students towards a well-defined career or professional goals. We operate on a model that involves various stakeholders such as corporates, R&D of the industries, academic wizards, and students with a view to promote science, technology and leadership qualities in students to nurture the abilities like strategic thinking, planning and execution of projects and skills to work in a group and to be able to lead the group as well. Click here for the details on our centers of excellence.

Research Centers

Research centers or nothing but the research clubs in operation in the department and they are think tanks that strives to ignite new ideas and proposals to develop entrepreneurial skills in students to establish their startups.  8 research groups are in operation in the department and we encourage students to work in teams to pursue their dream ideas and projects. We offer all the necessary support for the accomplishment of their career goals. Click here for the activities of our research centers/clubs.

Research Programs

The department has well established research setup and infrastructure to engage students in a research theme of their choice as there is no shortage of men, material, resources, leadership and guidance so that our students are free to pursue their academic research (PhD programs. We are currently offering PhDs in 4 broad areas and innumerable sub categories within this broader framework. Click here for more details.

Funded Projects

The debarment currently holds 34 active funded projects worth of 120 million (12Crore) INR. The department of ECE could meet the expectations and the norms of the premier funding agencies of the national and international reputation.  Click here for the details of our funded projects.

Intellectual rights

Intellectual rights are something we acquire through our hard earned research and pass it on to the generation next as heritage, while retaining the ownership. Below furnished are the details of the books our faculty published with the publishers of the national and the international reputation. These are the policy papers and the blueprints for the research capable of generating wealth, opportunities and innovative solutions for complex challenges. Click here for more details on our ‘Intellectual rights’.

Research reviewers

It’s an honor bestowed on our faculty to act as reviewers for the journals of international reputation and many in our department are acting as reviewers. In order to act as reviewer, one should be an expert in one’s area of research. Find the list of reviewers furnished below.

Research Collaborations

Research without collaboration is neither possible nor imaginable. Right from the conception of the research design, planning, executing, pooling of resources and finally getting it published is a cycle of activities that needs clear cut goals and commitment to achieve it within the time frame. Click for the detailed collaborative efforts of the ECE department.

International Conferences

Apart from our faculty and students presenting research in the international conferences, we do host conferences in the campus, where students meet the experts, industry and trade specialists, leaders and visionaries to gain knowledge and exposure. Find the details of international conferences we hosted


Number of patents filed and awarded is the yardstick to gauge the quality of research taking place in the department.  Patents are symbols that represent the significance of the hard work and innovation. Here we furnish the details of the patent filed and awarded. These are the true replica prove that our words match with deeds.

Find the list of patents filed and awarded below.

Collaborating companies

Student internships, placements, field visits and ive industry oriented projects for the students is possible only with string industry relations we maintain. Please click the link for the list of industriesand companies we collaborate with us.