Vachas (Speaking)


To create thought provoking environment among the members of the club that would broaden the horizons and in the numerous realms of their lives letting them instill the leadership qualities.


  1. To elicit the latent talent of every member of the club.
  2. To Indus, in the members, urge to make their mark in the society.
  3. To introduce to them the plethora of benefits in all round personality development.
  4. To train them to take a stand on several challenges be it social, political or ethical.


  • The literature of Great poets of Sri Sri garu, Sri Gurram Jashuva inspiring to our students..
  • World great leads speeches are being listened by our students.
  • Helping the members to bring out their skills in speaking, reading, writing and by that hone them in various aspects.
  • Activities to conduct in every meet convened few bits knowledge and bit creativity will to the task. Fun facture be included in this activity which keeps them entertained.