Do’s & Don’ts in India for Foreign Students

Welcome to K L University, Andhra Pradesh, India!

Studying in India is a great opportunity for blended learning. In India one will experience the diversity of cultures. Along with studies, you will also enjoy the panorama of rich culture and traditions of India.
The life style and culture in India is totally different from the rest of the world. Indians look very conservative in appearance but generous in actions. In order to make international students avoid embarrassing situations, we advise International Students to follow the certain guidelines.
Do’s Dont’s
Use respectful language only and behave with decorum with the faculty, staff, students and guests of the University. Students shall not indige in any form of  violence.
Shall be regular and punctual in attending to classes and all activities connected with the University. Shall not talk or act in any manner in a way that would bring disrepute to the University.
Read notices/circulars displayed on the University Notice Boards/Web site. Gathering in groups at roads, entrance, exit and pathways is strictly prohibited.
Ignorance of not reading any notice/circular thus displayed shall not be accepted as an excuse for failing to comply with the directions contained in it. Should not leave the class or attend it late under the pretext of paying fees, visiting the library etc.
All vehicles should be parked in the allotted place.  Smoking, consumption of any kind of alcoholic drinks/drugs inside the University is strictly prohibited.
While attending University functions, students/scholars will conduct themselves in such a way as to bring credit to themselves and to the institution. Damaging the building or any other property of the University in any way is strictly prohibited.
The students are expected to take up all assignments, tests and examinations of this University seriously and try to perform the best. Indugling in Ragging and Eve Teasing are crimes and strictly prohibited by an act promulgated by the Government of India, with the penalty or imprisonment. If any student indulges in any form of ragging or Eve-Teasing inside the University (or) Hostel premises (or) outside, he/she will be summarily expelled from the University.
Each student of this University must always possess Student Identity Card with his/her photograph affixed on it and duly attested by the hon’ble authorities. Misconduct during examination, production of false information or documents for admission purpose and the failure to return materials taken on loan from the University would be seriously dealt with.
Use the resources of the University namely library, computers, equipments, transport, medical, communications, power, etc judiciously and effectively. Use of mobile phones/other electronic gadgets such as i-pod, i-phone in the classrooms, laboratories, seminar halls and auditoriums is strictly banned. Violation of this rule by any student would result in impounding of these devices and strict disciplinary action.
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