Dress Code:

To maintain the good image of the University, you are reminded that you must be properly attired in a manner befitting the status of university students when you are on campus.

Prohibited for Boys Prohibited for Girls
T-Shirts with round collars Sleeveless tops/Shirts/
Tight fitting dirty jeans T-Shirts Revealing deep tops
Chappals / Crocks Tight fitting & skin tight jeans
Shorts/folded pants Skirts, shorts, folded pants
Torn trousers touching the floor Torn trousers

Suggested Dress Code for Boys & Girls :

List of the given below are Prohibited for both Boys and Girls:

  • Short shirts/tops and low waist trousers exposing body parts.
  • Clothing depicting illegal drugs, alcohol, profane language, racial/sexual vulgar suggestions.


  • In case of violation of the dress code the student concerned will be asked to leave the academic session.
  • Visiting students are also expected to observe the dress code.

Outside the campus:

  • It is ideal to wear casuals when outside the campus.
  • For both ladies and gents, western style clothing is acceptable in Vijayawada.
  • In January, February and March the climate will be pleasant.
  • One set of formals would be very useful during the party time, university functions and industrial visits.
  • Generally rainy season is from July to September. During these rainy days, use umbrella.
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