Upcoming Events

  • September: International Literacy Day,Adopted Villages.
  • September: Teacher’s Day Celebrations,KL University
  • September: Eco Friendly Ganesh,Adopted Villages
  • September: World Heart Day celebrations ,KL University
  • September: NSS Golden Jubilee Celebrations (A.N.U, Guntur),Guntur
  • September: Swachh Bharat Programme,Adopted Villages
  • September: Plantation/Gap Filling,Adopted Villages.
  • September: Self Defence Training to Girl Volunteers (S.V University),Trupati


Empower students through National Service Scheme (NSS) to gain better understanding of the communities. Enable student volunteers to identify the needs and problems of the community and involve them in the problem-solving exercise to develop a sense of social and civic responsibility, develop organizational and leadership skills and prepare them to meet challenges during emergencies and natural calamities.


To engage students in constructive social action programs with enhanced skills and knowledge, and to foster all round development to be globally competitive and socially responsible citizens.