Research Club


The Prime Objective of the Club is to make the students familiar with the emerging concepts of nano science and technology for engineering applications. As nanotechnology is highly inter-disciplinary, it provides a wide scope for research in all branches of science and engineering. All the UG and PG students are encouraged to participate in the ongoing innovative projects specially designed for them by the department of Physics

Being a member of Nano Club, a student is expected to acquire hands on experience of development/synthesis of several nanomaterials for device applications with different morphologies such as nanoparticles, nanowires, porous nanostructures etc. Also the student members will be exposed to characterize the nanomaterials by using different spectroscopic and microscopic techniques such as XRD, UV-Visible –NIR, FTIR, SEM, and TG-DTA.

Nano Club will create awareness about the several applications of nano structured materials in the recent trends of research areas such as nano structured materials for energy devices, electronic and optoelectronic devices, and medicine i.e., Nano particle drug delivery systems. Student members are encouraged to participate or present their research papers in conferences, Seminars and symposia’s. They will get an opportunity to work with renowned scientists and Govt. R&D research teams that are working on emerging fields of nano science and technology.