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Research Publications

Research Publications - Conference
S.NoName(s) of the AuthorTitleNational / InternationalConf/Jur NameYear
1T. Pavithra,Strategies to handle heterogeneity prevalent within an IOT based networkINTIJET(UAE)2018
2K Sai Prasanthi ,Survey on secure protocols for data sharing through edge of cloud assisted internet of thingsINTIJET(UAE)2018
3Chaitanya Kilaru 1Testing distributed embedded systems through logic analyzerINTIJET(UAE)2018
4Lakshmi Prasad Mudarakola1*, Testing embedded sytems using test cases test cases generated through combinatorial techniquesINTIJET(UAE)2018
5S. Sridevi, User behavior analysis on agriculture mining systemINTIJET(UAE)2018
6T.V.R. Sai1, Sk. Haaris2, Website evaluation using opinion miningINTIJET(UAE)2018
8P. Gopi Krishna Design and develoment of bi-directional smat IoT gateway with interoperability for heterogeneous devicesINTIJET(UAE)2018
9P. Gopi Krishna design and development of bi-directional Iot gateway using zigbee and wi-fi technologies with MQTT protocolINTIJET(UAE)2018
10P. Gopi Krishna Design and development of smart eneargy meter for effective use of electricity in IOT applicationINTIJET(UAE)2018
11P. Sahithi 1 design of voltage level shifter for power-efficient applications using 45nm technologyINTIJET(UAE)2018
12Maloji SumanGPS enabled embedded veichle speed limiting device for electric veichlesINTIJET(UAE)2018
13P. Gopi Krishna impleentation of bi-directional blue-fi gateway in iot environmentINTIJET(UAE)2018
14CH. Venkata Sai Kasturi Babu, Android based real time advance security for parking system in IOTINTIJET(UAE)2018
15Kalathiripi RambabuTraffic flow features as metrics flow features as metrics flow features as metrics flow features as metrics flow features as metricsINTIJET(UAE)2018
16P.Swetha ReddyWater leakage detection monitoring and controlling system using IOTINTIJET(UAE)2018
17V. Chandra PrakashA critical study on applicability of sokoban game for building cognitive model of a student for career assessmentINTIJET(UAE)2018
18M. Vamsi KrishnaA framework for assessing quality of a web siteINTIJET(UAE)2018
20K.V. Daya Sagar A Method for finding threated web sites through crime data mining and sentiment analysisINTIJET(UAE)2018
21Lakshmi Prasad MudarakolaA Neural Network Based Strategy (NNBS) for Automated Construction of Test Cases for Testing an Embedded System using Combinatorial TechniquesINTIJET(UAE)2018
22Mounica GaddamSmart garbage collection management systemINTIJET(UAE)2018
23rakesh shirsathA Review of fine grained access control techniquesINTIJET(UAE)2018
24Kranthi Madala A review on industrial automation systemINTIJET(UAE)2018
25M.Venkateswara Rao A Secure data packet transmission in wireless sensor network using HECC algorithm and Finding malicious packetINTIJET(UAE)2018
26Rupa Radhika Jahnavi.SA Semantic web based filtering techniques through web service recommendationINTIJET(UAE)2018
27P. S. G. Aruna SriA study on blockchain technologyINTIJET(UAE)2018
28T.VeerrajuA survey on fog computing: research challenges in security and privacy issuesINTIJET(UAE)2018
29Ms. U. Harita 1,A survey on secured internet of things architectureINTIJET(UAE)2018
30J. Rajasekhar An approach to hybridisation of embedded system networksINTIJET(UAE)2018
31Sarvesh Kumar,An approach to reduce turn around time and waiting time by the selection of round robin and shortest job first algorithmINTIJET(UAE)2018
32Laxmaiah KocharlaAn efficient energy lifetime enhancement using node balancing approachINTIJET(UAE)2018
33V. Chandra PrakashApplicability of Sudoku game for building the cognitive model of a student for career assessment - an analytical studyINTIJET(UAE)2018
34Kale Navnath Dattatraya, Architectural analysis for lifetime maximization and energy efficiency in hybridized WSN modelINTIJET(UAE)2018
35J.K.R.SastryArchitectural Frameworks for Integrated communication systems related to Traffic Management in smart citiesINTIJET(UAE)2018
36A.YasaswiniAutomation of an IoT hub using artificial intelligence techniquesINTIJET(UAE)2018
37K.Raghava RaoConnecting vehicles using Li-Fi technology for reducing accidentsINTIJET(UAE)2018
38Chandrasekhar S., Prasad N.B.V.Optimization of the electrochemical machining parameters in drilling of AA6O6I-TIB2 in-situ composites produced by K2TiF6-KBF4 reaction systemINTIOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering2018
39Gangadhara Rao P., Gopala Krishna A., Vundavilli P.R.Optimization of Wear Phenomenon of Al6061/Gr MMCs using Non-Traditional Optimization MethodsINTIOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering2018
40Karwande A.H., Rao S.S.Welding parameter optimization of alloy material by friction stir welding using Taguchi approach and design of experimentsINTAIP Conference Proceedings2018
41Panjagala H., Balakrishna M., Kushnoore S., Madhukar E.L.N.R.Design & Weight Optimization of a Wheel Rim for Sport Utility VehicleINTMATEC Web of Conferences2018
42Panjagala H., Madhukar E.L.N.R., Kiran I.R.Recent advancements in shape optimization of aero spiked high speed re-entry vehicle using CFDINTMATEC Web of Conferences2018
43Tripathi J.P., Ghoshal S.K., Ehtesham Hasan M., Dasgupta K., Das J.Speed control of a hydrostatic drive using inverse steady state modelINTIOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering2018
44Vishnu A.V., Jamaleswara Kumar P.Investigations on high speed machining of EN-353 steel alloy under different machining environmentsINTIOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering2018
45Mohan Kumar ChCritical review attacks and countermeasures in internet of things enabled environmentsINTIJET(UAE)2018
46P. Gopi Krishna Design and development of bi-directional IoT gateway using ZigBee and Wi-Fi technologies with MQTT protocolINTIJET(UAE)2018
47Krishnaveni. Kommuri Development of real time environment monitoring system using with MSP430INTIJET(UAE)2018
48L. Navya Teja , Smart dustbin based on IOTINTIJET(UAE)2018
49A. KalyaniDevelopment of Internet of Things based Decision Support for Vehicle Drivers by using GPS and GSMINTInternational Journal of Computer Science and Information Security2018
50P. VinaySai Kumar , Dynamic traffic signalling based on the density of vehicle traffic in urban areas using data analysis techniquesINTIJET(UAE)2018
51M. Nagaraju Efficient way of implementing the random and GM (Gauss-Markov) mobility model in MANETINTIJET(UAE)2018
52V. Rahul Energy conservation technique for smart transportation systemINTIJET(UAE)2018
53Dr. Jkr SastryEnhancing the performance of search engines based heap based data file and hash based indexing fileINTIJET(UAE)2018
54Chandra Sekhar Maganty , FOG computing and its various uses in different applicationsINTIJET(UAE)2018
56U. Sai Nishita Health care monitoring and accident tracking system based on location awarenessINTIJET(UAE)2018
57A. Ajay KumarHuman resource management leave and tour management data retrival systemINTIJET(UAE)2018
58B.B.V. Satya Vara Prasad1 Identity-Based Data integrity checking in public cloud with bilinear pairingsINTIJET(UAE)2018
59Suchismita Debata Implementation of IoT based smart street light intensity control system using IR and LDR sensorsINTIJET(UAE)2018
60Krishna Manogna N Implementation of IoT based vehicle theft detection and accident monitoring system using ArduinoINTIJET(UAE)2018
61Kona Neeraja Implementation of security system for bank using open CV and RFIDINTIJET(UAE)2018
62M. Anil KumarIntelligent vehicle black box using IoTINTIJET(UAE)2018
63Saranyakumar Chigurupati Intelligent vehicle pollution monitoring using IoTINTIJET(UAE)2018
64P. Bindu Priya ,Interactive online book systemINTIJET(UAE)2018
65Y. Shanmukha SaiInternet of things and its applicationsINTIJET(UAE)2018
66M. Trinath Basu IoT based forest fire detection systemINTIJET(UAE)2018
67M. Geetha PratyushaIoT based reconfigurable smart city architectureINTIJET(UAE)2018
68Dr. K. Raghava Rao IOT based water level and quality monitoring system in overhead tanksINTIJET(UAE)2018
69B. Prema Sindhuri, IoT security through web application firewallINTIJET(UAE)2018
70V. Jyothirmai Localization of mobile using RSS and Hilbert-Huang transformINTIJET(UAE)2018
71Dr. K. V. Daya Sagar Mobile based home mechanization framework using IoT for smart citiesINTIJET(UAE)2018
72K. Naga Siva RaoOccupancy based home automation systemINTIJET(UAE)2018
73P.AbhishekN enhanced technique for ranking fraud discovery for mobile appsINTIJET(UAE)2018
74Tarun Paleti On-line examination system of security applicationINTIJET(UAE)2018
75Dr Jkr Sastry Optimizing performance of search engines based on user behaviorINTIJET(UAE)2018
76S Ummay Atiya Pattern classification of interstitial lung disease in high resolution clinical datasets A systematic reviewINTIJET(UAE)2018
77K.V. SowmyaPerformance evaluation of IOT systems – basic issuesINTIJET(UAE)2018
78Chandaluru Mohan Venkata Siva Prasad , Performance evaluation of power optimization in wireless sensor networks using particle swarm optimizationINTIJET(UAE)2018
79Shakeel AhmedPerformance evaluation of vanets using wiresharkINTIJET(UAE)2018
80Dr. JKR Sastry Quantifying quality of WEB site based on usabilityINTIJET(UAE)2018
81Y Venkata Raghavarao Quantifying quality of WEB sites based on contentINTIJET(UAE)2018
83P. Lashitha Vishnu Priya Smart agriculture monitoring system using IoTINTIJET(UAE)2018
84G. BalramSmart farming disease detection in cropsINTIJET(UAE)2018
85Vamseekrishna. A, Smart RestaurantsINTIJET(UAE)2018
86K. Goutham ChandSoil nutrient measurement in paddy farming using IoTINTIJET(UAE)2018
87S.BhavikaSpam detection using semantic web in mail servicesINTIJET(UAE)2018
88N.Srinivas RaoAdvanced Path Re – Construction in WSNINTJour of Adv Research in Dynamical & Control Systems2018
89Musala Venkateswara RaoAn Effective Energy Management System for Smart Office Cubicles using IoTINTJour of Adv Research in Dynamical & Control Systems2018
90Dr.K.V.Daya SagarDeveloping Smart Kitchen Inventory tracking using Internet of ThingsINTJour of Adv Research in Dynamical & Control Systems2018
91Dr. Mohammed Ali HussainImplementation of Software Application for Employee’s Health Monitoring SystemINTJour of Adv Research in Dynamical & Control Systems2018
92S. SrideviIndian Ontology based Feature Extraction Technique for effective Document Clustering in Agricultural DomainINTJour of Adv Research in Dynamical & Control Systems2018
93Dr. M. Praveen KumarSecure and Reliable VMS for Internet of Things or Cloud based ApplicationsINTJour of Adv Research in Dynamical & Control Systems2018
95Dr.K.V.Daya SagarSmart Crop Monitoring and Farming Using Internet of Things with CloudINTJour of Adv Research in Dynamical & Control Systems2018
96M. Lakshmi PrasadBuilding Test Cases by Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) For Multi Output Domain Embedded Systems Using Combinatorial TechniquesINTJour of Adv Research in Dynamical & Control Systems,2018
97M.Spandana,Coronary Illness Syndrome Identification System Using Data Mining MethodsINTJour of Adv Research in Dynamical & Control Systems2018
98B. B. V. Satya Vara Prasdad Efficient and expressive keyword search over scrambled data in cloudINTIJET(UAE)2018
99Dr. JKR SastrySecuring Multi-tenancy systems through user spaces defined within database levelINTJour of Adv Research in Dynamical & Control Systems, 2018
100Patra, B., Bisoyi, S.S.CFSES Optimization Feature Selection with Neural Network Classification for Microarray Data AnalysisINTProceedings - 2nd International Conference on Data Science and Business Analytics, ICDSBA 20182018
101Yellamma, P., Nagaraju, C., Anitha, R., Yeswanth, A., Karthik, K., Surendra, P.IoT based water level meterINTProceedings of the International Conference on Smart Systems and Inventive Technology, ICSSIT 20182018
102Rama Rao, K.V.S.N., Manjula Josephine, B.Exploring the Impact of Optimal Clusters on Cluster PurityINTProceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Communication and Electronics Systems, ICCES 20182018
103Rajendra Dhage, M., Vemuru, S.Structural Health Monitoring of Railway Tracks Using WSNINT2017 International Conference on Computing, Communication, Control and Automation, ICCUBEA 20172018
104Kiran Kumar, K., Narayana, G., Venunath, M., Umar, S.Challenges for the preliminary technological development in the health network system of wireless sensorsINTProceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Inventive Systems and Control, ICISC 20182018
105Reddy, S.V.V., Harshita, T., Koneru, S.A., Ashesh, K.Outlier detection in data streams using MCOD algorithmINTProceedings of the 2017 3rd International Conference on Applied and Theoretical Computing and Communication Technology, iCATccT 20172018
106Maguluri, L.P., Sorapalli, Y.S.V., Nakkala, L.K., Tallari, V.Smart street lights using IoTINTProceedings of the 2017 3rd International Conference on Applied and Theoretical Computing and Communication Technology, iCATccT 20172018
107Sirisha, N., Kiran, K.V.D.Stock exchange analysis using Hadoop user experience (Hue)INTProceedings of the International Conference on Intelligent Sustainable Systems, ICISS 20172018
108Gaikwad, K.P., Sheela Rani, C.M., Mahajan, S.B., Sanjeevikumar, P.Dimensionality Reduction of Facial Features to Recognize Emotion StateINTLecture Notes in Electrical Engineering2018
109Zeelan Basha, C.M.A.K., Maruthi Padmaja, T., Balaji, G.N.Automatic X-ray image classification systemINTSmart Innovation, Systems and Technologies2018
110Abdul, M., Cherukuvada, S., Soujanya, A., Sridevi, G., Umar, S.Watermarking technology in QR code with various attacksINTAdvances in Intelligent Systems and Computing2018
111Abdul, A.M., Cherukuvada, S., Soujanya, A., Sridevi, G., Umar, S.Cognitive networked redemption operational conception and devising (CNROCD)INTAdvances in Intelligent Systems and Computing2018
112Kimmatkar, N.V., Babu, V.B.Human emotion classification from brain EEG signal using multimodal approach of classifierINTACM International Conference Proceeding Series2018
113Kimmatkar, N.V., Vijaya Babu, B.Initial analysis of brain EEG signal for mental state detection of human beingINTProceedings - International Conference on Trends in Electronics and Informatics, ICEI 20172018
114Pathak, M., Bairagi, V., Srinivasu, N., Chavan, B.Match score level fusion of iris and sclera descriptor for iris recognitionINT2017 International Conference on Soft Computing and its Engineering Applications: Harnessing Soft Computing Techniques for Smart and Better World, icSoftComp 20172018
115Anusha, M., Vemuru, S.Cognitive radio networks: state of research domain in next-generation wireless networks—an analytical analysisINTLecture Notes in Networks and Systems2018
116Pathak, S., Rajeshwar Rao, D.Adaptive System for Handling Variety in Big TextINTLecture Notes in Networks and Systems2018
117Kavitha Lakshmi, M., Koteswara Rao, S., Subrahmanyam, K., Gopi Tilak, V.Passive object tracking using MGEKF algorithmINTAdvances in Intelligent Systems and Computing2018
118Venkatakotireddy, G., Thirumala Rao, B., Vurukonda, N.A review on security issue in security model of cloud computing environmentINTAdvances in Intelligent Systems and Computing2018
119Potharaju, S.P., Sreedevi, M.A Novel Subset Feature Selection Framework for Increasing the Classification Performance of SONAR TargetsINTProcedia Computer Science2018
120Patil, J.S., Pradeepini, G.Three-dimensional MRI brain image analysis on hadoop platformINTAdvances in Intelligent Systems and Computing2018
121Kollu, A., Sucharita, V.Energy-aware multi-objective differential evolution in cloud computingINTAdvances in Intelligent Systems and Computing2018
122Balakrishna, A.S.V., Srinivasu, N.Effective security in social data security in OSNsINTAdvances in Intelligent Systems and Computing2018
123Pandu Ranga Rao, K.V., Krishna Reddy, V., Yakoob, S.K.Dynamic secure deduplication in cloud using genetic programmingINTAdvances in Intelligent Systems and Computing2018
124Dastagiraiah, C., Krishna Reddy, V., Pandurangarao, K.V.Dynamic load balancing environment in cloud computing based on VM ware off-loadingINTAdvances in Intelligent Systems and Computing2018
125Srinivas, P.V.V.S., Maguluri, L.P., Syamala, M.An Efficient Image Enhancement Method for Dark ImagesINTLecture Notes in Networks and Systems2018
126Syamala, M., Maguluri, L.P., Gupta, A.G., Akhila, T., Bhargav, T.Optimized image compression method for portable devicesINTAdvances in Intelligent Systems and Computing2018
127Mohammad, A.A.K., Mahmood, A.M., Vemuru, S.Energy-aware reliable routing by considering current residual condition of nodes in MANETsINTAdvances in Intelligent Systems and Computing2018
128Prasada Rao, C., Siva Kumar, P., Rama Sree, S., Devi, J.An agile effort estimation based on story points using machine learning techniquesINTAdvances in Intelligent Systems and Computing2018
129Bewoor, L.A., Prakash, V.C., Sapkal, S.U.Production scheduling optimization in foundry using hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization algorithmINTProcedia Manufacturing2018
130Kumar, M.R., Srinivasu, N., Reddy, L.C.Dynamic and secure authentication using IKC for distributed cloud environmentINTAdvances in Intelligent Systems and Computing2018
131Phani Praveen, S., Thirupathi Rao, K.An optimized rendering solution for ranking heterogeneous VM instancesINTAdvances in Intelligent Systems and Computing2018
132Kodali, S., Dabbiru, M., Thirumala Rao, B., Kartheek Chandra Patnaik, U.A k-NN-based approach using MapReduce for meta-path classification in heterogeneous information networksINTAdvances in Intelligent Systems and Computing2018
133Basha, M., Siva Kumar, M., Pranav, V.S., Rehman, B.K.Approach to find shortest path using ant colony algorithmINTAdvances in Intelligent Systems and Computing2018
134Vishwakarma, P.P., Tripathy, A.K., Vemuru, S.A Layered Approach to Fraud Analytics for NFC-Enabled Mobile Payment SystemINTLecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics)2018
135Gupta, P., Mokal, T.P., Shah, D.D., Satyanarayana, K.V.V.Event-driven SOA-based IoT architectureINTAdvances in Intelligent Systems and Computing2018
136Bhupati,A framework for effecting fault tolerance within IoT networkINTJour of Adv Research in Dynamical & Control Systems2018
137Dr.K.V.Daya SagarA Method for Finding Threated Web Sites Through Crime Data Mining and Sentiment AnalysisINTJour of Adv Research in Dynamical & Control Systems2018
138P.N. Suryawanshi,A Review of Visual Data Analytical Model to Analyze the Social Media’s Dynamic DataINTJour of Adv Research in Dynamical & Control Systems2018