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Research Publications

Research Publications - Journal
S.NoName(s) of the AuthorTitleNational / InternationalConf/Jur NameYear
1V RajeshAn inference Routing Tree Topology Algorithm for Reducing Overhead in Packet ProbingINTIJCSIT2011
2 K SupriyaVoice Recognition browser for reduced vision and vision loss learners.INTIJSER2011
3P.Lakshmi PrasannaIntrusion Detection System Using Genetic AlgorithmINTIJCTT2011
4 K DeepthiSecurity issues on inter vehicle communicationsINTIJCSIT2011
5J Praveen KumarSMesh Frame Work for dynamic groups in peer to peer systemsINTGJCAT2011
6Dayanand Sagar KData Security in Cloud: A Proposal towards the Security IssuesINTIJCSET2011
7 T S Ramya KrishnaAccomplishing Constraints Using Artifact-Centric Operational Modeling in Multiple ArtifactsINTIJRST2011
8M.Ravi TejRe-Ranking process for image based retrieval using Geometric TechniquesINTIJCT2011
9Indeti, H., Katta, A., Goli, M., Settalluri, V.S., Felice, C.S.Statistical validation of a novel bioanalytical method for determination of thiamine hydrochlorideNATPharma Research2011
10Lalitha Manasa.P, Shanmukha Kumar.J.V.Vijaya Saradhi.S , Rajesh.VValidation of novel spectrophotometric methods for estination of DeferasiroxINTInternational Journal of Pharmacuetical and Biomedical Research2011
11Pradeep GAd-Hoc Low Powered 802.15.1 Protocol Based Automation System for Residence using Mobile DevicesINTIJCST2011
12P.Tanuj prabhakar,M.ravi teja,Sk.Khaja moin, K.VenkateswararaoOnline Mobile Backup and Power Optimized Retrieval Through MessagingINTIJESAT2011
13Y.pavan kumar,N.Rajesh babuDevelopment of Software Architecture for Building Intelligence to Secure the Communication between the Tags and Mobile DevicesINTIJVES2011
14N.N.V.V.S.S.Pavan,N.Rajesh babuSoftware Architecture for implementing tamper detection system within an intelligent tag related embedded systemINTIJCEA2011
15K.Naga teja,N.devi kavya priya.D.Vineela.,K.immanuelAn Approach towards Development of Communication Standard around CAN Protocol Suite for Networking Embedded SystemsINTIJAST2011
16S.vishnu karthik,D.G.V.D.sai pradeep,K.vijay saileshAn Approach to Cognition Built-in Knowledge DiscoveryINTIIJDWM2011
17Bharathi,D.Srinivas,Sk.jai sankar,K.sirisha,Dr.j.Ravi chandraAn Efficient Architecture for the development of open Cloud computing BackboneINTIJCIS2011
18sk.Asha,Y.anusha,R.priyanka,P.Chanikya,Dr.Ravi chandraAn Architecture for Mining WEB Content Hosted on clustered backend ServersINTIIJDWM2011
19A.G.Pushpa,G.satya prakash,G.Tejaswi,T.MunikumariAn Open Specification for Firewire Standard to Extend its Suitability to Diversified applicationsINTITEECE2011
20Haritha.G,V.LaxmiAutomated Generation of Test cases for Testing critical regions of Embedded Systems through Adjacent Pair-wise TestingINTIJMCMST2011
21N.N.V.V.S.S.Pavan,N.Rajesh babu,Y.pavan kumarBuilding Intelligence into TAGs for Tamper ProofingINTIJAST2011
22NVS sashank,P.Venkatesh,P rakesh,G.anudeepSimulation Models for Adding Cognition into Traffic Management systemsINTIIJC2011
23G.V.Ajaresh,I.jaikumar naik,D.Parusuram.D.KarunaprasadA New Approach to Maintain Privacy and Accuracy in Classification Data MiningINTIJCSET2011
24S.Nagarjuna,P Prasanna satwik,Ch.Ravi teja, Ch.AvinashEfficient Approaches for the Preventions of Unsolicited Access to Sensitive DataINTGJCAT2011
25T.divakar.,B.srinivasa raoA Novel Edge Detection Technique using Gray Level Spatial Correlation based on Statistical ParametersINTIJARCS2011
26N V Pavan Kumar, D Balakrishna Kamesh, DVSS SubramanyamAn Efficient Elliptic Curve Cryptography Application in Constrained Mobile EnvironmentINTGJCAT2011
27SriharshaA Cloud Model to Implement SaaSINTAdvanced Materials Research 2011
28T.VamsidharAnalysis and Groping of Movable Object Patterns Using Similarity Measure of Trajectories in Wireless Sensor NetworksINTIJCSET2011
29sarat raja rishiSynchronous Distributed path Computation Algorithm For High Speed NetworksINTGJCAT2011
30K.RosaiahAcceptance Decision Rule for type I Generalized Half Logistic DistributionINTPRAJNA2011
31B sekhar babuAn Overview of Intrusion detection System Strategies and IssuesINTIJCST2011
32 SudheeshaAnalysis of Finite state Machine and Classical Iterative Cluster Labeling for 3D Images on Mobile Computing StrategiesINTIJCSET2011
33 Ch MaduvaniDistributed Performance Evaluation Tool for Inferring Router Packet Forwarding Based on PriorityINTIJEST2011
34D R LavanyaSearching Multidimensional Historical Data Using Quisea Algorithm in P2P NetworksINTIJCSET2011
35GS PavanindraA Novel Approach for Live Streaming Using ZigZag & SplitstreamINTGJCAT2011
36Grace PricillaA Generalized Method for Data Extraction from Web PagesINTGJCAT2011
37 D NavyaOutlier Detection for Dynamic Data Streams Using Weighted k-MeansINTIJEST2011
38 VamisdharAnalysis and Grouping of Movable Object Patterns Using Similarity Measure of Trajectories in Wireless Sensor NetworksINTIJCSET2011
39S NagendramSCARP: Secure Congestion Aware Routing Protocol For Wireless Sensor NetworksINTIJCSE2011
40yed Yasin, Vara Prasad, Jyothsna DeviOntology based Data Mining Application for the Enhancement of PrivacyINTIJASCT2011
41k Priyaka, K Anusha, Y A Siva PrasadAn Effective Strategy for Identifying Phishing Websites using Class-Based ApproachINTIJSER2011
42SN Anjinailu, KVD KiranPerformance on ARCP for Various Region Mobile Emissary EnvironmentsINTGJCAT2011
43B G Gowthami, A Divya Sree, Ch Sindhuri , Y Sri Divya and B Bhanu Vidhya KiranIntelligent Data Mining in Autonomous Heterogeneous Distributed Bio DatabasesINTIJCSIT2011
44B Prudhvi Teja, K Krishna Sameera and B Pavan SaiRandamization method and group based anonymization in privacy preserving data miningINTGJCAT2011
45K Krishna Sameera, I Bala Krishna Das and P PrudhviA joint 2 level and multilevel approach for sentiment analysis at document levelINTGJCAT2011