Research Publications

Research Publications - Conference
S.NoName(s) of the AuthorTitleNational / InternationalConf/Jur NameYear
1Dr K Subrahmanyam , Ibrahim, S De lara, R A A.An Evaluation of Malaysian ICT Sectors Readiness of TelecommutingINTIEEE Xplore2008
2M.SumanExtended Risk Sensitive Filter and its Applications to target tracking and problemsINTInternational Conference on RSPS 082008
3Dr. J K R Sastry,V Chandra Prakash, V L S S ReddyA Formal Framework for Modeling External Behavior of an Embedded System as a Black Box StructureINTIEEE International conference on Embedded system and Multimedia (EM-COM 2009)2009
4Dr. J K R Sastry,V Chandra Prakash,Dr. V L S S ReddyA Formal Framework for Verification and Validation of External Behavioral Models of ES through usage case modelsINTIEEE International Conference on ES and Mutli Media EM-COM 20092009
5Mrs D Radha RaniClustering Based Outlier Detection Method for Network Based Intrusion DetectionINTInternational Seminar on Artificial Intelligence and Applications2009
6Dr. J K R SastryAttacking embedded systems through power analysisNATNational Conference NACTECIT’10.2010
7Prof V Chandra Prakash ,Dr. J K R SastryA formal framework for presenting requirement specifications of an embedded systems as a Black box structureINT1st International joint conference on Information and communication Technology IJCICT 20102010
8Dr. J K R Sastry,V Chandra PrakashA Formal Framework for Verification and Validation of External Behavioral Models of Embedded Systems Represented Through Black Box StructuresINTIEEE 2nd International Advance Computing Conference(IACC’10)2010
9K Subba Rao, M Samule Babu,L S S Reddy, J Sasi Banu,Dr. J K R Sastry,Attacking Embedded Systems through EMAINT2nd IEEE International Conference on Radio Frequency and signal processing(RSSP2010)2010
10B.Sekhar BabuKnowledge Discovery and Retrieval on World Wide Web Using Web Structure MiningINTMathematical/Analytical Modelling and Computer Simulation (AMS), 2010 Fourth Asia International Conference 2010
11A V Praveen Krishna, Vidya Sagar Ponnam, Gorantla Praveen.A Significant Approach for Cloud Database using Shared-Disk ArchitectureINTInternational Conference on Software Engineering2012
12A V Praveen Krishna, J Venkata Rao, Rajasekhara Rao Kurra.Enforcing the Security within Mobile Devices using Clouds and its InfrastructureINTInternational Conference on Software Engineering2012
13K Raja Sekhar, Dr L S S Reddy, U Jyothi Kumari.Templates to Derive Security Metrics based on Attack PatternsINTInternational Conference on Software Engineering2012
14L.Jagjeevan RaoSemantic middle -ware for Dynamic service oriented sensor networksINTMathematical/Analytical Modelling and Computer Simulation (AMS), 2010 Fourth Asia International Conference 2012
15G.Siva Nageswara RaoExtreme Programming for Service Based Application Development ArchitectureINTCSIBIG2013
16N.SrinivasuCructure Based Drug Design Studies on CDK2 Amino Pyrazole Inhibitors using Autodock ToolsINTCSIBIG2013
17Y.PrashanthParsing Natural Language Text of Use Case DescriptionINTCSIBIG2013
18Y.PrashanthImproving the Rapid Application Development Process ModelINTCSIBIG2013
19K.V.D KiranInformation Security Risk Management in Critical Informative SystemsINTCSIBIG2013
20M.SreedeviParllel&distributed Approach For Incremental Closed Regular PatternminigINTCSIBIG2013
21A.V.P.KrishnaHiden Webdata Extraction Using Word Net OntologiesINTCSIBIG2013