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Research Publications

Research Publications - Conference
S.NoName(s) of the AuthorTitleNational / InternationalConf/Jur NameYear
1D.Aruna KumariSecurity Solutions to the Phishing: Transactions Based on Security Questions and ImageINTInternational conference on IPMC-20102010
2D.Aruna KumariPrivacy preserving data mining using LBG design algorithmINTSPRINGER2012
3V.P.Krishna AnneInclination and Pressure Based Authentication For Touch DevicesINTAdvances in Intelligent Systems and Computing2013
4V.P.Krishna AnneRecognition of smart Transporation Through Randamization and PrioritizationINTAdvances in Intelligent Systems and Computing2013
5D.Aruna Kumari, Privacy Preserving data mining INTICAISC2013
6G.Siva Nageswara RaoMulti Objective Particle Swarm Optimization for Software Cost EstimationINTAdvances in Intelligent Systems and Computing2013
7S.M Babu,Lakshmi,B.Thirumala raoA study on cloud based Internet of Things: CloudIoT INTGlobal Conference on Communication Technologies, GCCT 2015'||chr(59)||' Thuckalay, Kanya Kumari District'||chr(59)||' 2015
8Radha K,B.Thirumala rao,S.Mastan BabuA relative study on service level agreements in cloud computingINTGlobal Conference on Communication Technologies, GCCT 20152015
9Mr. M. Bala Satya Sreekara ReddyAn Intelligent Optimization Approach to Quarter Car Suspension System through RSM Modelled EquationINTINT CNF on Information and Communication Technology for Intelligent Systems2016
10Radha K, B.Thirumala raoA relative study on service level agreements in cloud computingINT3rd International Conference on Information Systems Design and Intelligent Applications, INDIA 2016 - Springer2016
11K.Radha, B.Thirumala RaoSlot Utilization and performance improvement in haddop clusterINTInformation systems design and intelligence(Conference) -Springer2016
12P.Vidyullatha,D.R.Rao,Y.Prashanth,R.Chengala,L.NarayanaIntegrating Different machine learning techniques for Assessment and forecasting of dataINTEmerging Research in computing,Information -Springer2016
13Ch.Ramprasad,N.Srinivasarao,S,SatyanarayanaContributions on product interval-valued Fuzzy GraphsINTProceedings of Global conference on advances in science ,Technology and Management – IIIP2017