Research Publications

Research Publications - Journal
S.NoName(s) of the AuthorTitleNational / InternationalConf/Jur NameYear
1 Y Sarala, D.Madhusudana RaoPrimary ideals in quasi commutative semi groupsINTinternational journal of current research2013
2G.V Ramana Reddy, M Venkateswarlu D V LakshmiDiffusion thermo effects on MHD flow past an infinite vertical porous plate in the presence of radiation and chemical reactionINTIJMA2013
3G.V Ramana Reddy,M Venkateswarlu D V LakshmiUnsteady MHD flow of a viscous fluid past a verticle porous plate under oscillatory suction velocityINTAdvances in Applied Science Research2013
4Y Sarala, D.Madhusudana RaoA Study on d-system, m-system and n-system in ternary semi groupsINTInternational Journal of Development Research2014