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Research Publications

Research Publications - Journal
S.NoName(s) of the AuthorTitleNational / InternationalConf/Jur NameYear
1Dr. A. Satyanarayana Murthy, D DattaMore for Less Algorithm for Fuzzy transportation problemINTInternational Journal of Applied Mathematical Analysis and Applications2009
2K.Gouthami, P.Sumathi Kumari,Ch.V.Ramana Murthy,K R KavithaFlow of a Second order fluid over an inclined rigid planeINTInternational Journal of Emergine Technologies and Applications in Engineering, Technology and Sciences (IJ-ETA-ETS)2009
3Dr. V. Vasanta Kumar,K Chandan,B RavitejaOptimal Control Policy for Two- phase M/M/1 queuing system with N- policy and server startups.INTAcharya Nagarjuna University Journal of Physical Sciences (ANUJPS)2009
4Dr V S BhagavanSome Classical Properties of Generalized Hypergeometric Polynomials INTInternational Journal of Mathematical Sciences2012
5G.Dharmaiah,G.Hari Krishna,G.Jai DeepIdeal Quick SortINTInterantional Journal of Emerging Technology in Science and Engineering (IJETSE) 2012
6G Dharmaiah,G.Hari KrishnaIdeal Tree SortINTInternational Research journal2012
7D.Reddy Babu,L.N.VarmaA Note on Domination numbers of Grid GraphsINTInternational Journal of Mathematical Sciences, Technology and Humanities2012