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Research Publications

Research Publications - Journal
S.NoName(s) of the AuthorTitleNational / InternationalConf/Jur NameYear
1K. Vijay KumarStructural and electrical characterization of fluorine based block co-polymer thin films by wet Chemical processINTJournal of Physics and chemistry of solids2006
2G. Suresh Kumar, M S N MurthyOn ? bounded solutions for non- homogeneous matrix Lyapunov systems on RINTElectronic Journal of Qualitative Theory of differential equations2009
3K. Vijay KumarConductivity Studies of (PEO+KHCO3 ) Solid Electrolyte system and its application as an Electrochemical CellINTInternational Journal of Engineering Science and Technology2010
4Vemuri Praveen Kumar, Sunkar Prasanthi, Arumalla Chanasekar reddy, Nelapati Dhanraj, Lakkoju AnudeepCharacterization studies of thermostable alkaline phosphatase from various plant seedsNATJournal of Applied Biosciences2010
5K. Vijay KumarMechanics in Nanostructured materials by Nano Fabrication processINTJournal of Future Engineering and Technology2011
6Vemuri Praveen Kumar, Ravi Chaklrapani, , Mummalaneni Krishna PrasadCancer Immune system: A focus on clinical trials of vaccinesNATJournal of Pure and Applied Microbiology2011
7K. Vijay KumarSpectroscopic Characterization and Electrical study of Nano crystalline PEO based conducting Polymer electrolyte system for IEM fuel cellINTInternational Journal of chemtech Research(USA)2011
8K. Vijay KumarFabrication and Electrical study of PEM Fuel cell based on nano crystalline PEO based conducting Polymer electrolyte systemINTInternational journal of Petroleum Technology and Alternative Fuels2011
9K. Vijay KumarEffect of Plasticizer on a New(PEO+NaHCO3) Solid polymer electrolyte system for Battery Characterization studiesINTInternational Journal of Chemical and Biochemical Sciences2012
10AVVNKS Kumar, S..V.Saradhi, C.B.Sekaran, T.V.ReddySpectroscopic analysis of dutaseride in pure and tablet dosage formsINTChemical sciences journal2012
11G.V.SubbaraoApplications of non-stationary thermal wave imaging methods for characterisation of fibre-reinforced plastic materialsINTIET-Electronic Letters2013
12K. Vijay KumarEffect of Al2O3 Nano Fillers on PEG-based Solid Polymer Electrolytes and their Performance in Magnesium BatteriesINTMaterials Science-Poland2013