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Research Publications

Research Publications - Journal
S.NoName(s) of the AuthorTitleNational / InternationalConf/Jur NameYear
1G.Kiran KumarDeploying Privacy to data for Real World Cloud EnvironmentINTGJCAT0
2A.TejaswiEfficient Framework for Deploying Information in cloud Virtual Datacenter with cryptography algorithmsINTIJCTT0
3T.Gopi kiranMulti Deployment AND Multi Snapshoting on cloudsINTIJCOT0
4T.Gopi kiranCloud Computing:IAASINTIJAIR0
5K.AnushaUnobtrusive Technique for the detection of data seepageINTIJCSIT0
62.Navya SreeA Graspable Learning system for the classification of XML documentsINTIJCSIT0
73.K.AnushaData leakage Detection using encrypted fake objectsINTIJP2PNTT0
8Navya SreeAn Efficient classification Approach for the XML DocumentsINTIJCTT0
9B.Raj KumarCloud Business IntelligenceINTIJAIR0
10V RajeshAn inference Routing Tree Topology Algorithm for Reducing Overhead in Packet ProbingINTIJCSIT2011
11 K SupriyaVoice Recognition browser for reduced vision and vision loss learners.INTIJSER2011
12P.Lakshmi PrasannaIntrusion Detection System Using Genetic AlgorithmINTIJCTT2011
13 K DeepthiSecurity issues on inter vehicle communicationsINTIJCSIT2011
14J Praveen KumarSMesh Frame Work for dynamic groups in peer to peer systemsINTGJCAT2011
15Dayanand Sagar KData Security in Cloud: A Proposal towards the Security IssuesINTIJCSET2011
16 T S Ramya KrishnaAccomplishing Constraints Using Artifact-Centric Operational Modeling in Multiple ArtifactsINTIJRST2011
17Pradeep GAd-Hoc Low Powered 802.15.1 Protocol Based Automation System for Residence using Mobile DevicesINTIJCST2011
18P.Tanuj prabhakar,M.ravi teja,Sk.Khaja moin, K.VenkateswararaoOnline Mobile Backup and Power Optimized Retrieval Through MessagingINTIJESAT2011
19Y.pavan kumar,N.Rajesh babuDevelopment of Software Architecture for Building Intelligence to Secure the Communication between the Tags and Mobile DevicesINTIJVES2011
20N.N.V.V.S.S.Pavan,N.Rajesh babuSoftware Architecture for implementing tamper detection system within an intelligent tag related embedded systemINTIJCEA2011
21K.Naga teja,N.devi kavya priya.D.Vineela.,K.immanuelAn Approach towards Development of Communication Standard around CAN Protocol Suite for Networking Embedded SystemsINTIJAST2011
22S.vishnu karthik,D.G.V.D.sai pradeep,K.vijay saileshAn Approach to Cognition Built-in Knowledge DiscoveryINTIIJDWM2011
23Bharathi,D.Srinivas,Sk.jai sankar,K.sirisha,Dr.j.Ravi chandraAn Efficient Architecture for the development of open Cloud computing BackboneINTIJCIS2011
24A.G.Pushpa,G.satya prakash,G.Tejaswi,T.MunikumariAn Open Specification for Firewire Standard to Extend its Suitability to Diversified applicationsINTITEECE2011
25Haritha.G,V.LaxmiAutomated Generation of Test cases for Testing critical regions of Embedded Systems through Adjacent Pair-wise TestingINTIJMCMST2011
26N.N.V.V.S.S.Pavan,N.Rajesh babu,Y.pavan kumarBuilding Intelligence into TAGs for Tamper ProofingINTIJAST2011
27NVS sashank,P.Venkatesh,P rakesh,G.anudeepSimulation Models for Adding Cognition into Traffic Management systemsINTIIJC2011
28S.Nagarjuna,P Prasanna satwik,Ch.Ravi teja, Ch.AvinashEfficient Approaches for the Preventions of Unsolicited Access to Sensitive DataINTGJCAT2011
29T.divakar.,B.srinivasa raoA Novel Edge Detection Technique using Gray Level Spatial Correlation based on Statistical ParametersINTIJARCS2011
30N V Pavan Kumar, D Balakrishna Kamesh, DVSS SubramanyamAn Efficient Elliptic Curve Cryptography Application in Constrained Mobile EnvironmentINTGJCAT2011
31T.VamsidharAnalysis and Groping of Movable Object Patterns Using Similarity Measure of Trajectories in Wireless Sensor NetworksINTIJCSET2011
32sarat raja rishiSynchronous Distributed path Computation Algorithm For High Speed NetworksINTGJCAT2011
33K.RosaiahAcceptance Decision Rule for type I Generalized Half Logistic DistributionINTPRAJNA2011
34B sekhar babuAn Overview of Intrusion detection System Strategies and IssuesINTIJCST2011
35 SudheeshaAnalysis of Finite state Machine and Classical Iterative Cluster Labeling for 3D Images on Mobile Computing StrategiesINTIJCSET2011
36 Ch MaduvaniDistributed Performance Evaluation Tool for Inferring Router Packet Forwarding Based on PriorityINTIJEST2011
37D R LavanyaSearching Multidimensional Historical Data Using Quisea Algorithm in P2P NetworksINTIJCSET2011
38GS PavanindraA Novel Approach for Live Streaming Using ZigZag & SplitstreamINTGJCAT2011
39Grace PricillaA Generalized Method for Data Extraction from Web PagesINTGJCAT2011
40 D NavyaOutlier Detection for Dynamic Data Streams Using Weighted k-MeansINTIJEST2011
41 VamisdharAnalysis and Grouping of Movable Object Patterns Using Similarity Measure of Trajectories in Wireless Sensor NetworksINTIJCSET2011
42S NagendramSCARP: Secure Congestion Aware Routing Protocol For Wireless Sensor NetworksINTIJCSE2011
43yed Yasin, Vara Prasad, Jyothsna DeviOntology based Data Mining Application for the Enhancement of PrivacyINTIJASCT2011
44k Priyaka, K Anusha, Y A Siva PrasadAn Effective Strategy for Identifying Phishing Websites using Class-Based ApproachINTIJSER2011
45SN Anjinailu, KVD KiranPerformance on ARCP for Various Region Mobile Emissary EnvironmentsINTGJCAT2011
46B G Gowthami, A Divya Sree, Ch Sindhuri , Y Sri Divya and B Bhanu Vidhya KiranIntelligent Data Mining in Autonomous Heterogeneous Distributed Bio DatabasesINTIJCSIT2011
47B Prudhvi Teja, K Krishna Sameera and B Pavan SaiRandamization method and group based anonymization in privacy preserving data miningINTGJCAT2011
48K Krishna Sameera, I Bala Krishna Das and P PrudhviA joint 2 level and multilevel approach for sentiment analysis at document levelINTGJCAT2011
49B anusha, G poornima, G anusha, K tejaswiDecision Making and Reduction Techniques for Tax Revenue using Data WarehouseINTIJETT2012
50CH VenkateshA CSMA/HN Algorithm for Optimized throughput in Wireless NetworksINTGJCAT2012
51narendhra babu, B Ramesh, TV Prasad ReddyMinimizing Inference Through Channel Assignment in Multiradio Wireless Mesh NetworksINTIJCAES2012
52S Harinadh Babu, T Satesh Kumar, K Jairam, K Siva naga BabuAn Efficient Approach for Debugging the WPAN Using Packet AnalyzerINTIJCST2012
53 M Praveen Kumar, R Ravindhra Babu, B Aditya Reddy, MD RahamanAn Effective Analysis of Weblog Files to Improve Website PerformanceINTIJCSCN2012
54 Sindhu Ch, Sandeep, Vani and VenkateshEnergy Efficient ,Scalable and Relaiable MAC Protocal for Electromagnetic Communication among Nano DevicesINTIJDPS2012
55Santhosh B, Y Sasidhar Kumar , Sk Mastan Vali,A Peda GopiWeb Usage Mining on Cluster ArchitectureINTGJCAT2012
56B Navya, M Swetha, B Sindhusha and T Murali KalyanA Cryptographic Approach to Securely Share Genomic SequencesINTIJCSIT2012
57K Srinivasa Rao, K Anusha, B Leela, I Bhavana and S V S K GowthamEmotion Recognition from SpeechINTIJCSIT2012
58P Siva Durga Bhavani, M Revathi, N Kiran Kumar and V SaraAn Enhanced Frametwork For Performing Pre-Processing On Web Server LogsINTIJETT2012
59BVSN Chaitanya, K Krishna Chaitanya, G Anil Reddy and V HarishA Secure Architecture for Anonymizer NetworksINTIJCSIT2012
60G Divya, K Aishwarya, Y Vijaya Durga and SK WasimOptimal State Allocation for Multicast Communications withExplicit Multicast ForwardingINTIJERA2012
61A Manogna, Ch Yasaswini, A Aparna and S Ravi TejaBehaviour based Trust Management Using Geometric mean approach for Wireless Sensor NetworksINTIJCTT2012
62A Vamsi Krishna, B Charan Teja, K sandeep and P KartikDesign of a browser for people with low visionINTIJCSIT2012
63Rajesh V, G Ravi Kiran, K Keshav Ram and K Rudra PavanAn Enhanced secure method for mobile agentsINTGJCAT2012
64Vishnu Priya, P Panini Sai , N Chandra Sekhar, K Venkata Prasad and PD Nageswara RaoMobile PC Suite: Using Mobile Phone as Remote to control Pc OperationsINTIJCSIT2012
65LV Ramya, M Tanuja, S Pavani and M SwathiSentence Level Semantic Classification on Online Product Reviews of Mixed Opinions Using naivedayes ClasifierINTIJCSIT2012
66M Mohan Rao, Ch S Sasanka, K Jayanth Kumar and B Uday KiranAn Enchanced Pre Processing Research Framework for Weblog DataINTIJARCSSE2012
67U Thripathi Rao, Sk Mastan Vali, Ch Samba siva rao, KrishnaEnhanced Dynamical Hierarchical Mobile Internet Protocol for Mobile IP NetworksINTIJCSIT2012
68B Navya, M Swetha, B Sindhusha and T Murali KalyanA Cryptographic Approach to Securely Share Genomic SequencesINTIJCSIT2012
69K Srinivasa Rao, K Anusha, B Leela, I Bhavana and S V S K GowthamEmotion Recognition from SpeechINTIJCSIT2012
70P Siva Durga Bhavani, M Revathi, N Kiran Kumar and V SaraAn Enhanced Frametwork For Performing Pre-Processing On Web Server LogsINTIJETT2012
71 BVSN Chaitanya, K Krishna Chaitanya, G Anil Reddy and V HarishA Secure Architecture for Anonymizer NetworksINTIJCSIT2012
72G Divya, K Aishwarya, Y Vijaya Durga and SK WasimOptimal State Allocation for Multicast Communications withExplicit Multicast ForwardingINTIJERA2012
73P Ajithand, Dr. K RajasekharaRole of Data Mining : A Technical Education PerspectiveINTIJECST2012
74U Nanaji and Prof Chandan mazumdar.Application and Protocol Architecture in Wireless Adhoc NetworksINTIJAIR2012
75Korada Vasudevarao,Uppe Nanaji and Y Swapana.Nymble: Blocking Misbehaving Users in Anonymizing NetworksINTIJAIR2012
76M.R.Narasinga rao.rahul.p.rajuA Study of Psychosocial and Built environment factors for diabetes using MLP Neural networksINTinternational journal of computer applications2012
77 K V D Kiran.Secure System of Attack Patterns towards Application Security Metric DerivationINT9/1/20122012
78 Sasi Veena D , Yojana Y and K V D Kiran.Performance Analysis of Network Resources in Standard Access ProtocolsINTIJCSIT2012
79K Raja Sekhar, Dr L S S Reddy and U J Kameswari.Secure System of Attack Patterns towards Application Security Metric DerivationINTIJCA2012
80M Hema MadhuriRivet on Disseminated Problem Solving Techniques in Airtraffic Flow ManagementINTIJCSET2012
81M Hema MadhuriExcogitating File Replication and Consistency maintenance strategies intended for Providing high Performance at low cost in peer to peer networksINTIJCSET2012
82 B Arun KumarA Survey on Best Scheduling policies for multihop wireless networksINTIJCST2012
83G PraveenPrivacy Defensive of Public Auditing data storage in Cloud EnvironmentINTIJETED2012
84N RameshImplementation of MA-ABE for better Data Security in cloudINTIJCST2012
85G PraveenExtension of MA-ABE for better data Security in Cloud-Large Universe ConstructionINTIJASRT2012
86Sk Mansoor RehmanA New Stravation Mitigation Algorithm for wireless networksINTIJCST2012
87Dr. J K R Sastry, N Venkatram, Ms Sahithy Ramya , Dr L S S Reddy.On dynamic configurability and Adaptability of Intelligent Tags with Handheld Mobile DevicesINTIIJECS2012
88Ms Sahithy RamyaOn dynamic configurability and Adaptability of Intelligent Tags with Handheld Mobile DevicesINTIIJECS2012
89 Mr G PradeepOn Locating intelligent TagsINTIIJECS2012
90 Sasi Veena D Performance Analysis of Network Resources in Standard Access ProtocolsINTIJCSIT2012
91Kolluri Raju Analysis on Fuzzy Membership Functions for Image Segmentation using UltrafusinessINTI managers journal on Software Engineering2012
92M.SureshDesign on Security of Hybrid Cloud Business Intelligence SystemINTIJCMI2012
93T.Gopi KiranDesign of virtual File System in Cloud EnvironmentsINTijarcsse2012
94Ch. S.L. PrasannaImplementation of a scalable µc/os-II based Multitasking monitoring systemINTIJCST2012
95Y. Bala KrishnaZigbee based Voice Control System For Smart phoneINTIJTA2012
96Y. Hari KrishnaAutomatic Bus Recognistion Through MobileINTIJCTT2012
97Harika Indeti, Anitha Katta, Madhuri Goli, Vijayasaradhi settaluri and C.S.FeliceStatistical Valiation of a novel bioanalytical method for determinaton of Thiamine HyderochlorideINTThe Pharma research2012
98P.PraveenUser Authentication in ATM Using Fingerprint BiometricsINTGJCAT2012
99G.Sowmya BalaPrototyping of a MC-UART Controller on Spartan 3E FpGAINTIJECT2012
100Saradhi NimmagaddaSmart sensor system to Trigger irrigationINTACSA2012
101Sk.Meerja jaha,B.Rupa sravani,Saroja sarma,Chandra kanth.BA Novel Approach for Classification of a Database Using Decision Tree InductionINTGJCAT2012
102K Raja Sekhar,ch.sarat , varun.j,k.prahasithThe Fault Management System Using Amazon EC2: Web Application Deployment on cloudINTIJCSIT2012
103U Thripathi Rao, Sk Mastan Vali, Ch Samba siva rao, KrishnaEnhanced Dynamical Hierarchical Mobile Internet Protocol for Mobile IP NetworksINTIJCSIT2012
104V. Ravindhranadhan, P Sarat, , M Gopi mahesh, M RajashekarAnalysis and Individualization of Clients concern based on the Internet Browsing HistoryINTIJCSIT2012
105M Prathyusha, B Surekha Devi, N Jahnavi, G SujaiUtilization of Timestamp Records for An Hospital Centralization with consideration of Emergency CasesINTIJMER2012
106A Vini Bharati, P Laxmi durga Maduri, Phanendra Babu, A sravaniAnalysis of Dendogram Tree for Identifying and Visualizing Trends in Multi-attribute Transactional DataINTIJETT2012
107G Pugita,S Karthik, K Gopala KrishnaDeep Web Mining Using The Concepts Of Bayesian Network And Active LearningINTGJCAT2012
108CH Rama Prakash, A Pavan kumar, BKN Syamala Rao, A VijayDynamic Item Set Counting and Fuzzy association Rule Mining in Stock MarketINTGJCAT2012
109B Syam Prasad Reddy, K Vagdhan Kumar, B Musala reddy , N Raja NayakANN Approach for Weather Prediction Using Back propagationINTIJETT2012
110Santosh umar, J Devi Durga, K Ruth Ramya, N Vahini, Gyan PandyInteracting with Dynamic Web Portals in Local LanguageINTIJSER2012
111Sriram Murthy, Balavenkata KishoreUDA: Update Driven Approach for Continously Moving ObjectsINTIJSER2012
112 V N D priyanka, C Naven Reddy, k Pavani, K Dana reddyAnalysis of Intrusion Detection TechniquesINTGJCAT2012
113S Sushmitha, B Divya, G Riharika, G Viaya Raghu RamRanking and Suggesting popular items sets In mobile stores using modified Apriori AlgorithmINTIJMER2012
114Anil Kumar, S Babu kotha, Venkateswarlu SExploring data Aggregation techniques in wireless on basis of network topology and security issuesINTIJESAT2012
115 RSS Vishnu priya, Panini Sai, N. ChandrasekharImproved Decision tree algorithm for data streams with concepts drift adaptationINTIJSER2012
116R.N.V.Pavan kumarReal time Multicast Data Transfer in Mobile NetworksINTIJSTIRRJGRT2012
117MD.Khaja zikriyaExchange of Peer to Peer Identity Reputatio Using Cryptology ConventionsINTIJCSIT2012
118Grace prisillaAn Efficient Mechanism for Intrusion Detection and Prevention SystemINTIJSTIRRJGRT2012
119G.Rajesh chandra.Simulation of Frequency Selective Raleigh Faded HF Channel for Data Transmission Using Decision Feedback EqualizerINTIJESAT2012
120B.Minny PriscillaA Survey on Traffic Flow Correlation Attacks in Anonymity NetworksINTIJESAT2012
121T.sasi dharABIQUO: A Proficient Enterprise Cloud Management Platform Intended for Hyper Visor Independency, Integrity and ScalabilityINTIJESAT2012
122I.Pavan kumarA Generalized Framework for Building Scalable Load Balancing Architectures in the CloudINTIJCSIT2012
123 SudheeshaEfficacious Distributed Arbitary Node Duplication Attacks in Wireless NetworksINTIJCTT2012
124SudheeshaData Transferring Mechanisms for Multipath Routing Using Concentrated Dissimilate Algorithm in Wireless NetworksINTIJCTT2012
125Venkata sumanAnalysis and Performance of ARCP for Multi Region Mobile Emissary EnvironmentsINTIJCSIT2012
126K Parvati DeviStudy of Anomaly Identification Techniques in Large scale SystemsINTIJCTT2012
127 P TejaswiMining Items From Large Database Using Coherent RulesINTIJESAT2012
128 NavyaAutomated Personalization of web Directories for Usage data using web usage MiningINTIJESAT2012
129Sriram MurthyUDA: Update Driven Approach for Continously Moving ObjectsINTIJSER2012
130 Anil KumarExploring data Aggregation techniques in wireless on basis of network topology and security issuesINTIJESAT2012
131 R Nagendra BabIEB: Integrated Testing Environment on Loop BoundariesINTIJESAT2012
132CH VenkateshA CSMA/HN Algorithm for Optimized throughput in Wireless NetworksINTGJCAT2012
133D Bhargava reddyImplementation of SaaS in a cloud computing environmentINTIJCST2012
134K Satya TejaRelevant data clustering in web search engineINTIJCSIT2012
135A Siddhrdha ReddyA Cluster Based MARDL Algorithm for Drifting Categorical DataINTIJMER2012
136Ashok KumarA Novel Approach of Link/Path Protection in Dual-Link FailuresINTIJMER2012
137Sk Rahaman An Algorithm Approach to Avoid Starvation in Wireless Mesh NetworksINTIJCA2012
138 M Hema maduriPondering of Agent Technologies in Road Transportation System and their Critical IssuesINTIJCSIT2012
139 M Hema MaduriProbing Agent Based Anomaly Solving Strategies for Dynamic Distributed Scheduling in Railway TransportationINTIJCSET2012
140 K anusha, k Chanti,, V Sri Vidya, P Praven KumarA Class Based Approach for Medical Classification of Chest PainINTIJETT2012
141VH Bhindu, K L Durga, G Lokhiswar, G Ashok Kumar,An Efficient Face Recognition System by Declining Rejection Rate Using PCAINTIJESAT2012
142C Niveditha, G Anusha, U Sindhu, SK SilarAnalysis of Data Mining Techniques for Increasing Search Speed in WebINTIJMER2012
143M Sravanthi, Naga Mrudhula, J Sandeep,K SwapnaAutomated Anomaly and Root Cause Detection in Distributed SystemsINTIJETT2012
144P.Divya Sri, Dr.P. HARI KRISHNA PRASAD Single Phase Dual Full Bridge Bi-Directional DC-DC Converter for High Power Applications INTIJAR2013
145N Uday Kumar, RBR PrakashControl Scheme for Implementation for SHAPF Using Fuzzy(P-Q Theory) Under Unbalanced ConditionsINTIJEEER2013
146Ch.Kiran Kumar, G.Srinivasa RaoPerformance Analysis from the Energy Audit of a Thermal Power Plant INTIJETT2013
147TSSS Bharat, D.Seshi ReddyRecovery of HVDC System After Fault with Reactive Power InjectionINTIJEEER2013
148G.R.Mahesh, G.Srinivas rao, M.V Gridharenergy audit of boiler feed pump system and air compressor in a thermal power plantINTIJERT2013
149A Lakshmi Priyanka, M.SrikanthThree Phase and Five Phase SVM Applied to the Five Level InverterINTIJEEER2013
150M.Bala Krishna, M.Kiran KumarA New C-Dump Converter with Power Factor Correction Feature for BLDC driveINTIJEEER2013
151P.vamsi Krishna, D.Narasimha RaoObtaining Speed Response of Linear Induction Motor with Fuzzy Logic Controller with End EffectINTIJEEER2013
152Bhavani Sindhooja V, Chakradhar Kaza,D.Narasimha RaoPolymer and FRP Technology-An Alternative to Conventional Porcelain for Future Power SectorINTIJERT2013
153Bhavani Sindhoora Velaga, Chakradhar Kaza, Dokuparthy Narasimha RaoPolymer and FRP Technology - An Alternative to Conventional Porcelain for Future Power SectorINTInternational Journal of Engineering Research & Technology2013
154M.Bala Raghav, K.Naga Bhavya, Y.Suchitra, G.Srinivas RaoDesign of Solar Power Based Water Pumping System INTIJERT2013
155K.Kareemulla Khan, K.Naresh, Vaddi Ramesh, Mahaboob Shreef SyedSimulation of Reactive Power Compensation Using STATCOMINTIJETED2013
156K. Ganesh kumar3D media Filter Design for Iris Recognition INTIJMER2013
157G.RadhikaEfficient Framework for Deploying Information in Virtual Datacenter with cloud security ApplicationINTIJETAE2013
158.G.S.RagavendraChannel Model Components And Modeling types in wireless systemsINTijarcsee2013
159G.M DeepaAttacking Cloud Through Cache based Side Channel in Virtualized EnvironmentINTijarcsee2013
160N.Venu GopalSurvey on Different types of attacks and counter Measures in wireless networksINTIJCSIT2013
161T.Gopi KiranNeural network desin in Cloud ComputingINTIJCTT2013
162Jaya PrakashMulti Clouds Model For Service Avalability And SecurityINTIJCSET2013
163M.Anil KumarSurvey of IEEE 802.11 StandardsINTIJSR2013
164B.Raj kumarSecure Sharing of Personal Health Records in Cloud ComputingINTIJSR2013
165RajeshA Comprehensive Study on Making food using Rice cooker with Fuzzy logic techniqueINTIJCSIT2013
166S.Jaya PrakashImprovised K-means Clustering Algorithm in Data MiningINTGJCER2013
167P.Naga LakshmiA Novel Architecture for personalized Image Retrieval from Social WebsitesINTIJARCS2013
168T.HarithaA Survey On Chemical Agent DetectorsINTIJERT2013
169K. Sai Rohit SinghDesigning a WI-FI Enabled ROBOTINTIJCER2013
170D.SowmyaImage Retrieval effective methods in image processingINTIJCSMR2013
171Y.DivyaReliable Proxy Re encryption in unreliable cloudsINTIJARCSSE2013
172Siva NagarajuWireless Sensor Networks in Cloud ComputingINTIJAIR2013
173A.Shiva Rama RaoStandadization of systems and processes for CDR Based Billing SystemINTIJCER2013
174Y.S LakshmiCollectional Activities Forecast via insution using social network sitesINTIJSR2013
175Y.S LakshmiStudy and Scalable eruditries by using Communel activitiesINTIJETAE2013
176B.V.SriRamSecurity Through Multiple Unrelated Clods in Cloud ComputingINTIJCTT2013
177K.Venkat ReddyHand Writen Character Detection By using Fuzzy Logic TechniquesINTIJETAE2013
178K.RajeshHand Writen Character And digit recognition using Artificial Neural NetworksINTIJARCSSE2013
179K.RajeshA Novel Study on Complex Fuzzy LogicINTIJSR2013
180T.SrikanthDatawarehouse as a ServiceINTIJAIR2013
181Ram SandilyaEffective Use of HTML5 for Developing Offline web ApplicationINTIJAIR2013
182K.YaminiCloud Services Portability for Secure MigrationINTIJCTT2013
183Pratheek SingelOptimizing Aggregation Query ProcessingINTIJAIR2013
184K.DeepaPassword Authentication System for Cloud EnvironmentINTIJACSIT2013
185ChaitanyaEnable Open Verifiability and Data Dynamics for Storage Protection in Cloud ComputingINTIJCTT2013
186SudheerrajaData Retrieval from Cloud With Cache ImplementationINTIJAIR2013
187M.Sudheer RajaAn Asymmetric Approach For Coperative Caching in Multi Hop Wireless Adhoc NetworksINTIJCNWC2013
188V.Samson Dev KumarCognitive Radio Wireless Mesh Networks:A Survey on Routing ProtocolsINTIJCSET2013
189Raja MohanPrivacy Preserving Public auditing System for data storage security in cloud computingINTIJCTT2013
190sri rashmi,Providing Cloud Services over mobile cloud dataINTIJCTT2013
191Venkata NareshRanked Keyword Search in cloud computingINTIJCTT2013
192Ambati NikilaLearning Structure in cloudINTIJAIR2013
193T.AnithaNetwork Security Using Quantum CryptographyINTIJCTT2013
194T.V.N Sai SindhuraDependable and Secure Storage services in cloud computingINTIJCTT2013
195Y.Venkateswara RaoSecure and Dependable Storage in cloud computingINTIJCTT2013
196SonawaneXml Document MiningINTIJRCEE2013
197M.Devi Kavya PriyaRandom Indexing Based Web User Clustering for faster NavigationINTIJCSIT2013
198G.Kiran KumarReduction of Greedy Forwarding Using Overlay Multicasting in Mobile Ad Hoc NetworksINTIJCTT2013
199T.GeethikaTransaction Based Prioritizatioh Stratagies for E-mail ApplicationsINTIJARET2013
200U.D.S.V PrasadTmaper Proof JAR Client For Distributed Accounrability for Data Sharing in the CloudINTIJDCST2013
201P.Radha KrishnaA Novel q-parameter Automation in Tsallis Entropy for Image SegmentationINTIJCA2013
202M.Mohan ChandraProtecting and Planing Amenable Basic RoutingINTIJAR2013
203M.Devi Kavya PriyaA Novel Framework for Virtual Desktop Environment with vAppINTIJCA2013
204U.AnkaiahDetection of error prone software modules using neural networkINTIJCST2013
205U.AnkaiahImage Retrieval System Using Fuzzy Soft max MLP neural networkINTIJAR2013
2061.Dr.M.R Narasinga Rao,2.K.Lokesh KumarDamage Detection in Cantilever Beams using Artificial Neural NetworksINTIJMPERD2013
2071.T.Subha Masthan Rao,2.Thinley Lendup,3.Thingly Wandi,4.SujathaHybrid Model for Preprocessing & Clustering of Web Service LogsINTIJCAES2013
2081.N.Janardhan,2.Y.Raja SreeCloud data Protection For the MassesINTIJCTT2013
2091.N.Janardhan,2.Y.Raja Sree,3.HimajaData Invulnerability and data integrity Verification of multi cloud storageINTIJCTT2013
2101.K.V.D.Kiran,2.Sitaram chowdary,3.P.Vittal KumarGame theory :A new Approach for video streaming in mobile networksINTIJCSMR2013
2111.K.V.D.Kiran,2.Gidla JohnApple TalkINTIJCSMR2013
212G.R.Sreehitha, M.Kiran KumarTransient Performance of a Series Compensated Transmission SystemINTIJIRD2013
213B. Mohan, K. NareshSIMULATION APPROACH FOR NON Linear Behaviour in spasticityINTIJEST2013
214Ch.Amarendra, P.V.Pattabhi RamComparative Study of DSVM and ISVM for Matrix ConverterINTIJAR2013
215A.Radha Krishna, Ch.Kasi Rama Krishna ReddyPower Quality Problems and it''s Improvement Using FACTS devicesINTIJETT2013
216B. SAI SINDURA, B.N. KarthikSpeed Control of Induction Motor using CycloconverterINTIJETT2013
217M.SUNITHA, B.N. Karthik Elimination of Harmonics Using Active Power Filter Based on DQ Reference Frame Theory INTIJETT2013
218V.P.S. Nikitha.Peddada, B.N.Karthik Attacking of Embedded Systems by Using Simple Power Analysis INTIJETT2013
219Narisetti Sai Lakshmi, B.N. KarthikSRF Based Cascaded Multilevel Active Filter INTIJETT2013
220P Koteswara RaoScening of an accidental alarm syatem of vehicles with a heart beat sensor INTIJETTCS2014
221K.Kareemulla Khan, K.Naresh, B.MohanApplication of Robust Sliding Mode Control to Uncertain Power System StabilityINTIJESIT2014
222K. Kareemulla Khan, K. Naresh, B. MohanApplication of Robust Sliding Mode Control to Uncertain Power System StabilityINTInternational Journal of Engineering Science and Innovative Technology (IJESIT)2014