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Attendance Requirement

Attendance Policy

The Student must maintain a minimum attendance of 85% for all programs, except for BBA-LLB, LLB, LLM which is 70%, in every course to be eligible for appearing in Semester end examination of the course, for cases of medical issues and other unavoidable circumstances the students will be condoned if their attendance is between 75% to 85% in every course for all programs, except for BBA-LLB, LLB, LLM which is 65%, subjected to submission of medical certificates, medical case file and other needful documents to the concerned departments. However in case of a student having less than 75% except for BBA-LLB, LLB, LLM which is 65% attendance in any course, She/He shall be detained in the course and in no case such process will be relaxed.

There are no specific marks attached to attendance as such, however if the course coordinator of a course desires to award certain marks, for attendance in a course She/He can do so based on following guidelines, which thereby must be clearly reflected in respective course handouts, well before the commencement of the course work for such courses, which must be duly approved by the Dean Academics For any course, not more than 5% marks can be allotted for attendance. The distribution of marks is as follows:

For all programs except BBA-LLB, LLB, LLM the distribution of marks for attendance is [85, 88] = 1 mark, [89, 91] = 2 marks, [92, 94] =3 marks, [95, 97] =4marks and [98,100] =5marks, below 85%, even in case of condonation,"0" marks.

For BBA- and LLB the distribution of marks for attendance is [70, 80] = 1 mark, [81, 85] = 2 marks, [86, 90] =3 marks, [91, 95] =4marks and [96,100] =5marks, below 70%, even in case of condonation,"0" marks.

The marks, if allotted for attendance will have to be considered for all L-T-P components of a course cumulatively but not specifically for theory component for any course, however if the course is an elective, then the marks are for only theory owing to the L-T-P structure for such course being "X"-0-0.

Detention policy

Course Based Detention Policy, In any course, a student has to maintain a minimum of 85% attendance for all programs expect BBA-LLB, LLB, LLM which is 70% as per above mentioned attendance policy to be eligible for appearing to the Semester End Examination for all programs expect B.Arch which is 85% attendance and 50% internal marks, failing to fulfil these conditions will deem such student to have been detained in that course.

However the following are the special cases where the lack of attendance can be condoned:

Up to a maximum of 10% on medical grounds, in which case the student must submit the medical certificate from any recognized medical practitioner.

Up to a maximum of 10% if the student represents the KLEF / State / Country in any Extra / Co-curricular activities.

The maximum extent to which a student can be condoned is 10%, and any student with less than 75% for all programs except BBA-LLB, LLB and LLM which is 65% is deemed to be detained.