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Change of Branch

A student admitted to a particular Branch of the B.Tech. Program will normally continue studying in that branch until the completion of the program. However, in special cases the KLEF may permit a student to change from one branch to another after the second semester, provided s/he has fulfilled admission requirement for the branch into which the change is requested. For all UG /PG remaining programs, the change of branch is not applicable.

The rules governing change of branch are as listed below:

    a) Top 1% (based on CGPA until 2nd semester) students will be permitted to change to any branch of their choice within the program discipline.

    b) Apart from students mentioned in clause (a) above, those who have successfully completed all the first and second semester courses and with CGPA ≥ 8 are also eligible to apply, but the change of Branch in such case is purely at the discretion of the KLEF.

    c) All changes of Branch will be effective from third semester. Change of branch shall not be permitted thereafter.

    d) Change of branch once made will be final and binding on the student. No student will be permitted, under any circumstances, to refuse the change of branch offered.

    e) Students in clause a and b may be permitted subject to the availability of seats in the desired branch.