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Elective Course

Elective Course is a course that can be chosen from a set of courses. An elective can be Professional Elective, Open Elective, Management Elective and Humanities Elective.

    a) Professional Elective: A course that is discipline centric. An appropriate choice of minimum number of such electives as specified in the program will lead to a degree with specialization.

    b) Open Elective: This is a course of interdisciplinary nature. It is offered across the KLEF for all programs.

    c) Science Elective: These are set of courses offered by departments like Physics, Chemistry and Biology in order to have a basic knowledge of sciences to all the students.

    d) Management Elective: A course that develops managerial skills and inculcates entrepreneurial skills.

    e) Humanities Elective: A course offered in the area of Liberal Arts.