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  1. At the end of all evaluation components based on the performance of the student, each student is awarded based on absolute grading system. The list of absolute grades and its connotation are given below:
 O (Outstanding) 10 85 100
A+(Excellent) 9 80 <85
A(Very Good) 8 65 <80
B+(Good) 7 60 <65
B(Above Average) 6 50 <60
C(Average) 5 45 <50
P (Pass) 4 40 <45
F(Fail) 0 <40 -
Ab (Absent) 0 - -
  1. The SGPA is the ratio of sum of the product of the number of credit s with the grade points scored by a student in all the courses and the sum of the number of credits of all the courses undergone by a student, in a semester.

       i.e SGPA (S i) = ∑(C i x G i) / ∑C i

   where ‘Ci is the number of credits of the ith course and ‘Gi is the grade point scored by the student in the ith course.

  1. The CGPA is also calculated in the same manner taking into account all the courses undergone by a student over all the semesters of a program,

       i.e. CGPA = ∑(Ci x Si) / ∑ Ci

where ‘S’i is the SGPA of the ith semester and ‘Ci is the total number of credits in that semester.

  1. The SGPA and CGPA shall be rounded off to 2 decimal points and reported in the transcripts.
  2. CGPA can be converted to percentage of marks : 10 X CGPA - 7.5
  3. A student get in less than 40% of overall score and 40% in the semester end examination will be considered to have earned “F” grade.  Combined Theory and Lab courses the student should get independently 40% in both theory and lab components else treated as failed in both. A student who obtains ‘F’ grade has to reappear for all the components of Semester End examination.
  4. Audit/Certificate courses are graded as satisfactory or non-satisfactory only.

At the end of each semester, the KLEF issues grade sheet indicating the SGPA and CGPA of the student. However, grade sheet will not be issued to the student if he/she has any outstanding dues.