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Registration Guidelines

For every course, the student has to undertake the registration process prior to commencement of the course-work, based on the following conditions;

  1. Registration into a course will be permitted only for such courses, which are offered by the program in that particular semester.
  2. In case a course has pre-requisites, all of them must be fulfilled.
  3. The KLEF has the right to refuse registration process if a student does not turn up on the day of registration.
  4. Registration shall not be permitted after the fifth working day from the scheduled date of commencement of classes.
  5. Students can register for a maximum of 26 credits in a semester of their choice to meet their program requirements.
  6. In case of students, who wish to register for more credits through Overloading or less credits through Under-loading, have to seek prior permission from Dean-Academics.
  7. Students, who have opted for minor degree, Honors program or degree with specialisation, can register for more number of credits in a Semester through Overloading.
  8. The KLEF reserves the right to withdraw any elective course offered within one week of the commencement of the semester if sufficient numbers of students have not registered or for any other reasons. In such cases, the students are permitted to register for any other elective course of their choice provided they have fulfilled the eligibility conditions.
  9. The KLEF reserves the right to cancel the registration of a student from a course or a semester or debar from the degree on disciplinary grounds.
  10. Within one week of the commencement of the semester, a student is permitted to substitute an elective course subject to availability with prior approval from Dean-Academics. However, a student is not permitted to withdraw from compulsory course and substitute the same with an elective course.
  11. A student is solely responsible to ensure that all conditions for proper registration are satisfied, and there are no timetable clashes. The registration may be cancelled for a course or the entire semester either by the student or by the KLEF if any irregularity is found at a later stage.

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