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A student may reappear for semester end examination for betterment only in the theory part of the course for improving the grade, subject to the condition that, the student has passed the course, his/her CGPA is ≤ 6.75 and the grade in the respective course to be equal to or lower than “C”. In the case of reappearing, the better of the two grades is considered.

A Student can re-register in any course in any semester during the program for improvement of grade if the current grade in the course is lower than B+ and with due approval from Dean Academics in accord of academic regulations.

A student cannot reappear for semester end examination in courses like Industrial Training, courses with their L-T/ST-P-S Structure like 0-0-X-X, Project, Practice School and Term Paper.

A student is not eligible for award of B.Tech. Degree with Honors, and any Program Degree with distinction, in case s/he takes up the betterment option.