Infrared Imaging Center

Infrared imaging centre (IRIC) was established in 2014 with an initial funding from KLEF and Department of Science technology to study the non stationary thermal wave imaging and their industrial applications. This inter disciplinary research centre developed various thermographic processing systems to facilitate qualitative and quantitative industrial studies by employing various signal processing algorithms and Thermal wave detection and Ranging (TWDAR) based stimulation modalities. IRIC is engaged in target oriented self styled research applications for the ease of industrial quality assessment and modern processing studies to develop indigenous systems based on enhanced depth resolution approaches for quantitative studies. This centre introduced automatic detection based thermographic systems based on machine learning applications for non contact and non destructive testing applications along with a compressive thermal wave imaging system.

It is involved in carrying sponsored projects and industrial consultancy from government and non government agencies on time with lucrative research outcomes. This Centre is also offering Ph.D studies to the scholars of KLEF along with training the personnel in allied areas.

Our objectives

    1. To provide skilled learning in signal processing applications to Non destructive Evaluation (NDE).

    2. To perform scientific and industry oriented research to develop novel processes and products