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To develop, maintain and manage the KLEF estate in a safe, suitable manner, which ensures the continuous provision of teaching and learning environment.


To be a exemplary department delivering the highest quality teaching and learning process, in line with the overall strategy of the KLEF.

Short Term goals
  • To complete the prerequisites embedded with new advanced technologies

  • To upgrade all the laboratories so as to facilitate academic, research, training and consultancy services

  • To provide an excellent infrastructure facility to publish research papers in high indexed journals

  • To attract greater number of national and international students in UG courses

  • To strengthen the teaching and research capability of faculty by encouraging them to undertake short-term training in reputed industries and academic institutions

  • Enhancing the knowledge of faculty members by conducting seminars and induction programs on latest technologies and research topics

Long Term goals
  • To achieve international projects and patents

  • To attain DST-FIST (Level 1)

About the Department

Knowledge in basic science is an essential constituent of any professional course. The Department of Basic Engineering Sciences-2 aims to fulfill this function most efficiently. This Department is devoted to foster the fundamental principles and understanding of sciences that can enhance the human experience. The department is a combination of two core branches Mechanical and Electronic and Communication Engineering with Doctorates/ Research Associates, whose guidance effectively influences the fresh students to improve their careers. Well-experienced and highly qualified faculty members of the department have made consistent and strenuous efforts to improve the students learning and research & research-oriented activities.

The Basic Engineering Sciences-2 department is involved in preparing the I year B.Tech. students in engineering science courses, which will be helpful to make a strong foundation for future technocrats. The department has well-equipped laboratories namely 3D Printing Lab, Design Tools Workshop Lab, Engineering Graphics Lab, and Electronics Lab. Engineering Courses like Digital Logic & Processors, Computer Organization and Architecture, Mechanics, Design Tools Workshop, Graphics, Design of Basic Electronic Circuits, etc., are offered to the I Year students.

Main Features of the Department
  • Well qualified and experienced faculty
  • State-of-the-art Laboratories
  • Seminars and interactive sessions on technical events
  • Industrial live process visits to enhance the knowledge levels by practicality
  • Open-laboratory system
  • Tool based (C, C++) learning in laboratories
  • Offering special and remedial class sessions