Welcome to IconPac-2023

Clean energy technologies are renewable, less environmentally invasive ways of powering the global community. India is looking forward to developing clean fuel resources and their utilisation under the ambitious Atmanirbhar Bharat programme with innovations and applications in clean power generation and operation technologies, giving a strong impetus to large-scale exploration and integration. Working on green energy research and technologies needs a strong will and determination. While many clean energy solutions exist, only a few are sustainable. KL University is one of the foremost technical institutions in southern India and has a key role to play in fostering the concept of sustainable clean emerging energy technologies solutions through research and implementation in association with industry partners. KL University wishes to emphasize this at the Conference on Clean Emerging Green R&D.

Clean energy researchers need an understanding of both the evolving scientific as well as governance and policy issues they work to develop advanced technologies. This conference offers a platform for the dissemination of clean energy technologies as well as production, policy, markets, and challenges in adoption. It also brings together representation from the industry, government, and non-governmental organizations for clean energy technology development through detailed discussion.