Center for Innovation, Incubation & Entrepreneurship (CIIE) frequently arranges programmes & activities to motivate and inspire students to become potential entrepreneurs.

Aspiring Entrepreneurs Meet (AEM), Entrepreneurship Development Programs (EDP), hackathons, bootcamps, ideathons etc are the various events those are promoted in the campus to increase the number of startups according to student ideations in a group or as individuals.

CIIE takes active role in celebrating the events like Innovation Day, Startup Rendezvous, World Entrepreneurs Day etc to frequently inhibit and encourage studentpreneurship in the early stages and participate in external competitions on Ideations, Product Developments, Startup events at national level and international levels.

TARS (Translation of Academic Research to Startups)

Research & Development Wing of KLEF and CIIE encourages Faculty and Research Scholars and postgraduate students to involve in innovative research and also ensure that the results are made available to society by a proper commercialization channeldeveloped by adopting suitable levels of Technology Readiness Levels(TRLs) mentored and guided by subject matter expertsin the respective areas.

Commercialization phases initiated by incorporation of a Startup(as per the norms of Government of India) by the concern Faculty/Researcher/Studenton reaching to a level of proven concept according to the Technology Readiness Levels(TRLs)

The first bootcamp of TARS was conducted from 25th to 27thFebruary 2021 to various Faculties andResearchers of various disciplines by inviting eminent speakers in different domain areas from across the country. Click Here

Aspiring Entrepreneur’s Meet (AEM)

AEM’s are arranged to all the students of various programs across the university in coordination the Center coordinators from different programs. Graduated Startups and Alumni are invited to share their experiences, deliver keynote on innovations during the developments and their experiences on entrepreneurial growth for motivating the students. The interactive sessions arouse the students to start with an ideation on the problems noted by them and approaching CIIE for innovation assistance.

Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP)

CIIE conducts Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP) collaborating with external governmental & non-governmental agencies to impart training in the essentials of planning, initiating and launching an economic activity or enterprise successfully.

Resource persons & mentors specialized on particular topics are invited to train the participants and enrich them in particular area of Entrepreneurship like - Schemes of Assistance for MSMEs: NSIC, SIDBI, DIC and Other Support Agencies , How to Identify Business Opportunities , Opportunities identification, Criteria of selection & Sources of Information, Marketing Management: Product Promotion, Sales and Advertisement, Preparing Pre-feasibility Report: Preliminary Project Report (PPR), Schemes of Assistance for MSMEs: Financial Agencies / Institutions , etc

Entrepreneurship In-Residence (EIR)

Converting technologies and research into start-up ventures has a long product development and revenue generation time. To inspire the best talents to be entrepreneurs, minimise the risk involved in pursuing start-ups, and to partially set off their opportunity costs of high paying jobs, Entrepreneurs-in-Residence (EIR)provides tremendous opportunities for innovative entrepreneurs to expand their networks and get critical feedback on their ventures in order to promote their entrepreneurial goals.

CIIE has arranged EiR’s to enhance the growth possibilities of internal startups to establish and network with the external Entrepreneurs for collaborative businesses.

Innovation Day and Startup Rendezvous

CIIE celebrates Innovation Day & Startup Rendezvous in encouraging Innovation & Entrepreneurship as general practice among the enthusiasts.

The event shall be conducted by inviting eminent Entrepreneurs across the country to share their Startup journey & travel how they had innovated every move in Entrepreneurship and pushing the next generation Entrepreneurs.

Idea pitching events, ideathons are conducted on the problems faced by the new Startups and graduated Startups.

Design Thinking

Innovation and design thinking is for anyone willing to change their mindset, not only about challenges and problem solving, but also about creating something new.

Design Thinking workshops are initiated to learn how to use design methods in order to innovate how they work and what they create.

Faculty and students actively participate in the workshop, explore and experience the effective brain storming process for creation of ideas, how these are filtered and picking the feasible idea to the problem statement.