Hobby Club Reports on -2020-2021

S.No Name Of The Activity Club Date of Event Event Report Link
1 Awareness on Mask – dance Performance by Narthana Club –Students  Narthana Club   03-07-2020  Awareness by Mask Dance Performance of Narthana Club
2 EBSB- Event - Bandra Dance Narthana Club – online   Bandra Dance by Narthana Club Student
3 Once More – monthly event – By Swara Club Swara Club – online  26.07.2020 Once More monthly event By Swara Club
4 Kargil vijay Diwas – Participated Narthana Students  Narthana Club – online 26.07.2020 Kargil vijay Diwas – Participated Narthana Students
5 Raghavam Abhinaya Club 02.08.2020 RAGHAVAM-20
6 Independence day Hobby Club 15.08.2020 74th Independence Day Celebrations
7 Narthana, Swara, Vachas Club Students participated online competitions for 74th Independence Day Hobby Clubs – online 14.08.2020 Club Students participated online competitions for 74th Independence Day
8 Independence day Painting competitions  by B.Pharmacy, Women Forum & Hobby clubs B.Phamacy,Women’s Forum, Hobby Clubs 15.08.2020 Painting Competition Pharmacy
9 World photography day celebrations – competitions Photography Club, Fine Arts 24.08.2020 World photography day celebrations – competitions
10 Student Magazine- “KL Horizon” Vachas club – online 21.08.2020 Student Magazine- “KL Horizon” by Vachas Club Students
11 Once more event –by Swara Club – monthly event Swara Club- online 23.08.2020 Once More– monthly event – By Swara Club
12 Michael Jackson Birthday Event by Narthana Club Narthana club -online 29.08.2020 Michael Jackson Birthday Event by Narthana Club
13 Teachers Day Celebrations Hobby Club , Vachas Club 05.09.2020 Teachers-Day-Celebration
14 Surabhi – 20, National Cultural  Festival Hobby Clubs 04.09.2020- 06.09.2020 Surabhi – 20,National Cultural Festival
15 Engineers Day Celebrations – Photography competitions  Hobby Club, Chalana Chitra Club 15.09.2020 Engineers Day Celebrations
16 Gurazada Apparao Bithday Clebrations – Essay writing competitions  Hobby Clubs 21.09.2020 Girajada Apparao Bithday Clebrations
17 Once More monthly event by Swara Club Swara Club 30.09.2020 Once More– monthly event – By Swara Club
18 Report of World pharmacist day Pharmacy, Hobby Clubs 25.09.2020 World pharmacist day
19 Free Soul Dance Competitions Narthana Club 30.09.2020 Free Soul Dance Competitions by Narthana Club

Hobby Club Reports on -2019-2020

S.N.O Name Of The Activity Club Date Report Link
1 WOW events All club students 21/07/19 WOW-EVENT
2 Raghavam -19 Abhinaya Club 02/08/19 RAGHAVAM-19
3 ALUMINI EVEN –MBA 94 batch Swara & Narthana Club students participated events 03/08/19 ALUMINI–MBA-SILVER-JUBILEE-FUNCTION
4 Swara Auditions Swara Club 07/08/19 Swara-club-Selections
5 Women empowerment Swara & Narthana 09/08/19 Women-empowerment
6 Narthna Club Auditions Narthana Club 13/08/19 Narthana-Club-Selections
7 Independence day celebrations Hobby Clubs 15/08/19 73rd-INDEPENDENCE-DAY-CELEBRATIONS
8 Vachas Club Auditions Vachas Club 17/08/19 VACHAS-CLUB-AUDITIONS
9 World photography day celebrations Chalana chithra 19/08/19 World-Photography-Day-Celebrations
10 TV -9 program dance for paready song by Narthana Students Narthana Students 22/08/19 TV-9-program-dance-for-parady-song
11 Teachers  Day celebrations Hobby Clubs 05/09/19 Teachers-Day-Celebration-on-05.09.2019
12 Sri Rama Krishna mission Essay writing competitions Vachas club 10/09/19 Sri-Rama-Krishna-mission-Essay-writing-competitions
13 Writing captions and Presenting skits against plastic for students in connection with 33rd Anniversary of MJ naidu Super speciality Hospital Vachas Club 21/09/19 Writing-Captions-and-Presenting-Skits-against-Plastic
14 Gurazada Apprao Birthday celebrations Abhinaya Club 23/09/19 Gurazada-Apparao-Birthday-Celebrations
15 Make your T- shirt work shop Vayana Clun 26 to 28th /09 /19 Make-your-T-Shirt-workshop
16 Once more Swara Event Swara Club 27/09/19 ONCE-MORE-BI-MANOTHLY-EVENT
17 Sudheera – III year C.S. E Student classical Dance Performance at Indra Keeladri on the occation of Dasara Utsav Narthana Club 02/10/19 Sudheera-Classical-Dance-Performance-at-Indra-Kiladri
18 Sardhar Vallabhai Patel Birthday Celebrations Central 31.10.2019 Sri-Sardar-Vallabh-Bhai-Patel-Birthday-Celebrations
19 SAMYAK-19 Hobby Club 18,19th of October-2019 Samyak-2K-19
20 Swara Students participated  competitions at VVIT Nambur Swara club 21st ,22nd Dec 2019 Swara-Students-participated-competitions-at-VVIT-Nambur
21 Narthana Club students Dance competitions “ MOOD INDIGO” at IIT Bombay Narthana Club 26-29 of Dec-2019 Narthana-Club-students-participated-in“ MOOD INDIGO”Fest-at-IIT-Bombay
22 Once more bi monthly event Swara club 30.12.2019 Once-more-bi-monthly-event-by-Swara-Club-Students
23 Sankranthi Sandallu Programme by ETV Andhra Pradesh Hobby Clubs 10.01.2020 SANKRANTHI-SANDALLU
24 Kite Festival Hooby Clubs 11.01.2020 Kite-Festival_Rangoli-Competitions
25 Rangoli Competitions Hobby Clubs 03,04.01.2020 RONGOLI-COMPETITIONS
26 71st Republic day Celebrations Hobby Clubs 26.01.2020 71st-Republic-Day-Celebrations
27 Youth Empowerment by Thana – Young Tarang Hobby Clubs 03.02.202004.02.2020 Youth-Empowerment-and-Entertainment-Programme“Young-Tarang”Association-with-TANA-converte
28 Raaga-20 a national level music competitions Hobby clubs 20.02.2020 RAAGA-20-A-NATIONAL-LEVEL-MUSIC-COMPETITIONS-converted
29 Drug Awareness Programe by district Collector and Excise officers Hobby clubs 22.02.2020 Drug-Awareness-Programe-by-district-Collector-and-Excise-officers-converted
30 MOVIE MAGIC-20 a national level short film competitions Hobby clubs & Fine Arts Dept. 25.02.2020 MOVIE-MAGIC-20-A-National-Level-Short-Film-Contest-converted
31 Sri Rama Chandra mission Essay writing competitions Vachas Club Sri-Rama-Chandra-mission-Essay-writing-competitions-converted
32 RVR & JC Music competitions Swara Club 29.02.2020 Cultural-Competitions-at-RVR_JC-College-of-Engineering –Guntur-converted
33 Varna club Painting competitions Varna club 14.03.2020 Drawing-Competitions-by-Varna-club–Theme-is-Save-water-converted
34 Nrithya -20 (Online Dance Competitions) Narthana club 24.06.2020 to 29.06.2020 NRITHYA-20-converted
35 NAATAK-20 (Online mono acting competitions) Abhinaya club 24.06.2020 to 29.06.2020 NAATAK-20

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