Here are some of our Events Organised By Team Pulse

Speaker 1

Graphic Designing And Movie Making Workshop

The workshop combines classroom theories and practical assignments together. How do you explain something to someone? We all know that the best way rather than listening to a voice than watching a pictorial work so we Team PULSE came up with this workshop which helps you improve and make u understand how to do?

What to do? When to do and why to do a graphic design that helps our movie much interesting. As we all know virtual experience on some things will give more impact and effect on our mind rather than studying and remembering. Trying to bring out the creativity in students which is hidden inside, we are organizing a graphic designing and movie making workshop

This is a one-day thing where we make you learn how to design or create and edit your videos. This is for the people who are looking to use graphic design effectively in their storytelling. This develops our confidence in putting our hands in new things.